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Need Replacement Owner for 4-Sport Salary League

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Bare with me here, this is gonna get long. I'm currently looking for a replacement owner for a new-ish 4 sport league that I started this fall. This league will require a huge time commitment and a lot of activity, but it is an absolute blast. We have a great group of active owners (other than the one I need to replace, obviously) and people are always around chatting. This league is a single, all-inclusive league that includes all four major sports in one place, where you get one salary cap to spend however you see fit on your four teams. If you want to spend a little extra on your NFL team at and take a slight hit in NBA be my guest. If you feel like trading Kevin Durant for Drew Brees that is 100% allowed in this league. You are not only the owner of one team, but four separate ones in this league.

I need a quality replacement guy as soon as possible. I'm not gonna lie, your NHL team is atrocious. You should be able to compete for a playoff spot in NFL next year with the guys you have returning, and the NBA team has some talent. I need someone that is up for a challenge.

The leagues themselves will be held on ESPN but the league home where all free agent signings, payroll info, and league rules will be on a proboards forum that I have already created. The site runs very smoothly and is well organized and easy to use.
Check it out:


All free agents will be bid on in the proboards forum, not through the respective ESPN league sites. A player can be signed for a maximum of 5 years for any amount the team owner sees fit, as long as they stay within their salary cap. An example free agent bid would be as follows:

The St. Louis Sting place a bid on Zdeno Chara for 3 years
Year 1 - $25
Year 2 - $20
Year 3 - $16

As you can see, the amount a player is signed for can vary from year to year. If you want to pay an older player more at the beginning of his contract than the end, you can go ahead and do that. However, the winning bidder will be the one who offers the highest AVERAGE annual salary. For example, if another team came in and bid on Chara 2 year, $22 per year they would be the new highest bidder and I would have to raise my bid if I wanted to do so.

A player is won after no bids have been placed on them for a period of 24 hours. After the 24 window
is up, the final (highest) bidder wins that player for whatever they were offered and can immediately add them to their team roster.

Quick rundown of the teams you'd be taking over. If you want to check them out, the team is Gainesville Gators. Rosters are posted on the proboards site so you can look to see who you'd have. At least in NFL and NBA you have some quality players on decent contracts. NHL is a bit tougher. However, in a league like this, some good contract signings (young, talented players for long, cheap contracts) could help to turn this organization around within 2-3 years. Like I said, you're gonna have to be in it for the long haul but should be a lot of fun if you are.


These are the basics of the league. If this sounds like something you'd enjoy and could keep up with please leave your email here and I will send you a link to the proboards site so you can check things out. If you have any questions please leave a post here. As soon as you are in you can start bidding on any players you want. Thank you all and goodluck!!!

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