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draft challenge league has 2 openings

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this is a returning league from last year 13 returning members.....15 teams

not a keeper league - new draft every season

NOTE - it's a slow draft - we now have 12 teams.

NFBC Type League DRAFT CHALLENGE ($100 entry - 1500 total)

icon_post_target.gifby daweasle » Mon Jan 19, 2015 12:29 am

We have a 15 team draft challenge league setup with the same rules as NFBC draft challenge except there is no big prize – all the money from our pot goes back to the winners of this league. 100% payout - no commish fees. ($100 entry - 1500 total)

Its 15 teams – draft 50 players – any combination of SP RP and hitters you desire

Your goal is to accumulate most stats by seasons end. You set weekly lineups and otherwise minimal input required by you. No trades. No free agent moves. What you draft is what you get

- stat service provided by fantrax
- all money held in league safe. - majority approval required for payout.
- normal 5x5 scoring

If interested send me a direct message or send me an email

we are currently at 11 teams signed up and most have paid already - as soon as we have 15 teams signed up and paid - we will do a KDS to decide draft order and start draft soon after likely within the next few days

draft will run around the clock - offline draft where you get 6-8 hour to pick so you have to login everyday to make a pick. fantrax draft service is pretty good but if you havent used it before check it out.

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