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$500 AL/NL 5x5 roto league needs 2 owners

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My 4th year league needs two owners for this year. Its a weekly league. We use leaguesafe to collect entry fees and pay out at the end of the season, with majority approval. The league will be on cbssports. The cbs fee usually is appoximately $150 dollars, all of which i will pay. I do require each of the 11 other owners to chip in (won't know EXACT cost until i purchase the league), $12-14 each so that i'm not the only one paying for the cbs fee.

We will be having a snake draft on cbs. Date TBD still but I prefer it to be as close to regular season as possible. Draft order will be randomly determined as soon as everyone is paid on leaguesafe.

We use FAAB as the process for blind bidding 3 times per scoring period. Everyone starts out with 700 FAAB dollars.

There will be 22 roster spots and a 7 man bench. Must have active 1 catcher, one 1b, one 2b, one 3b, one SS, one MI, one CI, one Util, 5 outfielders and 9 pitchers, starters and closers.

The 5x5 scoring categories are batting average, runs scored, home runs, rbis, stolen bases, wins, saves, strikeouts for pitchers, era and whip.

Trades will get processed immediately after they are accepted unless there is a protest in which then the 3 man trade committee , which will also be randomly determined, will vote in whether or not the trade stands or is reversed.


100 % paid back...

1st place 3,400

2nd place 1,110

3rd place 500

Also, $35 per scoring period will go the weekly High scorer.

Should anyone have any questions or would like to join, please email me.



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