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We have created a Forum section for all of your specific leagues. You may communicate, discuss, smack talk, etc. Please be advised the Code of Conduct still applies to this forum, and we expect everyone to abide by it. This forum is for all of your fantasy sports leagues as well. This is not a matchmaker forum either, as we already have them, so no recruiting! Also:

- One thread per League (don't create new ones each year).

- Don't participate in a thread if you are not part of the league.

- We'll tolerate a little more "trash talking" between league members, as we realize that's the nature of private leagues, but because it's still on RW we expect everyone to respect the Code of Conduct (CoC). In other words - we expect the leagues to have fun, and more latitude will be given to league members dealing with each other - but the CoC still applies. Leagues will be asked to police internal matters and keep it within their own threads.

- All matters within leagues stay within leagues - the other Forums are not be used as a vehicle to settle / continue disputes between members (or ex-members) - the league pages are private for members only, but that also works both ways - conflicts and issues within the league stays within the league.

If the Mods missed moving any leagues here, shoot us a pm and we will get it moved. Have Fun, and Good Luck!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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