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8th year keeper in middle of Draft needs 2 GMS ASAP

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Hello I am the founder and commissioner of an 8th year keeper league. We are usually a very active league so we need GM's willing to be active year round. We recently changed our line up setting format and our scoring format for the up coming season so it will be a fun experience for all GM's involved. Below I will post the current rosters for both teams and I will also post the league rules.

League is 100% free to play. We play on CBS commissioner league. Our off season and draft is conducted on a pro board message board specifically designed for the league. We maybe looking to start a fantasy football league this year as well, so if you like football too you may have that opportunity but it is not a mandatory if you do not.

Please NOTE: We do not allowed add/drops during the regular season, however we do have a disabled list which you can read about in the rules, also we do ALLOW trades till the first week of August.

If interested: Email me at as I said the draft is in progress and trades are aloud so you can be active right away. League has been in limbo for a few weeks after 2 GM's suddenly bailed on us would love to get some life back in the league right away and get things moving. Draft will probably take us right up to the start of the season.


Last Update: 11/5/2014

Previous League Info:
2008 League: Grid Iron Baseball (ID# 102489)
2009-Present League: Grid Iron Baseball (CBS Fantasy Sports)

General Rules:

- 12 Team League
- Weekly Line ups
- 15 man hold over - this means all teams must drop 12 players at the conclusion of each season
-Team names must relate to baseball in some way and must be the final team name unless league approves change


Roster Size: 27 man active rosters

Postions: C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, LF, CF, RF, UTIL, UTIL
SP, SP, SP, SP, RP, RP, RP,RP, 9 bench players

ADD/Drop rules:

-All teams may add/drop unlimited at the conclusion of the draft until the first pitch of the first game of the season. Add/Drops are not permitted during the season
- In the case of a career ending injury, death, or career suspension teams will be allowed to replace that player with any free agent of their choice. The free agent add maybe held over the following season. (Season Ending Injuries refer to Disable List below)

Disabled List

-A season ending injury is any injury ruled by a player or team to end a player season (this can occur any time prior to Grid Iron play-offs)or an injury that occurs prior to the all star break in which the player is not supposed to return no earlier than September 1st.
- Teams are permitted 2 DL spots per year (note: once a player is placed on the DL that player may not return that season or be traded
-A player listed with a SEASON ENDING Injuryor a player injuried prior to the MLB All-Star game and out until atleast September 1st maybe replaced by a free agent of the GM's choice.
-the player placed on the Disabled List (DL) will become an automatic hold over when hold over rosters are selected.
-the player added to fill the DL spot will be automatically dropped
(this is to keep talent in the league draft each year)
-Disabled List moves can only be made during the regular season. Disabled moves means placing a player on the DL and replacing them with a free agent. Players placed on the DL remain on the DL through the play-offs.

Restricted List

-Any player on a Grid Iron Roster found to be playing under and assumed name, that is suspended for any amount of time can be put on the restricted list, via GM request.
-Players that are found to be playing under an assumed name must be on a Grid Iron Roster at time of aqusation, for the GM to use the restricted list, meaning a GM can not add or draft a player already in question just to add to restricted list, however GM can add or draft player at own risk.
- Players place on restricted list can be replaced using the following rules, determined by length of issue:
.......... 1. A player placed on restricted list, can be replaced by any free agent during the duration of time the player in question is absent from their MLB team. Once the player in question becomes active again team must drop their replacement and add player in question back to active roster.
.......... 2. A player place on restricted list, can be replaced by any free agent, however if the player in question does not return before the end of that season, the GM may either keep the player in question or drop them and the rights to their free agent replacement and still maitain all 15 hold over spots.

Trade Rules:

- Players and future draft picks can be traded.
- All trades are automatically approved
- Allow up to 24 hours for commissioner to process trade on CBS website.
- In order for any type of veto to occur 3 GM's must complain about the trade stating a logical reason why the trade should be vetoed.
- If 3 complaints are made. Commissioner's or another GM will post a poll. On this poll the trade will be shown with the options approve and veto. Once there is a clear majority on the poll that decision will stand.
- In the event there is no clear majority the trade will be automaticly approved and can no longer be vetoed.
- A veto/approval poll must be put up with-in 36 hours of trade being accepted. Polls then will have 24 hours for votes.
- Trade process can take no longer then 60 hours.
-Trade deadline is always the 1st Sunday in August at 11:59:59 PM est. League will be notified of actual date every season
- Trading may resume following the league Championship game.
................ -Trading from the 27 man roster at the conclusion of the Grid Iron Championship game is permitted. Teams will still be required to produce a 15 man roster when those rosters are due.
................- Teams allowed to attempt to trade must hold over players after the Championship Game with no penalty.Must Hold Over players are those players placed on the Disabled list. However if a team is unable to trade that player they must retain them in the 15 man hold over. Players added during the seaoson for injuried players must be released following the teams final game which will including Championship game. In the event a team does trade a player placed on the Disabled list, the team aquiring that player may relase the player (if they wish to) when 15 man rosters are due.

Scoring Rules:
2015 Inaugural points system scoring

Categories and points:

Singles :1 Points
Doubles:2 Points
Triples: 3 Points
Home Runs: 4 Points
Runs: 1 Point
RBI :1 Point
SB :1 Point
Walk :1 Point
Caught Stealing: -1 Point
Ground Into Double Play: -1 Point
Error: -1 Point
Hit By Pitch: 1 point
Sacrifice Fly: 1 Point
Hitting For the Cycle: 6 Points
Strikeout: -.50


Inning Pitched: 1 Point
Strikeout: 1 Point or .33 per out
Walk: -.5 Point
ER: -1 Point
Balk: -.5 Point
Pick Off: 1 Point
Quality Start: 3 Points
Win: 10 Points
Loss: -5 Points
Complete Game: 8 Points
Shutout: 10 Points
No Hitter: 18 Points
Perfect Game: 25 Points

Relief Pitchers:
(Everything is the same as starting pitching except for the below values)

Appearance: 1 Point
Win: 5 Points
Loss: -5 Points
Hold: 3 Points
Save: 6 Points
Blown Save: -3 Points

How to determine a win:

The team with the most overall points at the end of the week will be given the win.

All 12 teams are divided into two divisions:
American League
National League
The top three teams from each division will participate in the play-offs. The number 1 seed from each division will have a first week bye. The league champion from each league will play for the league championship.

Scheduling Rules:

-Teams play 20 games per regular season
-Teams play 15 divisional games, meaning teams play each divisional team a total of 3 times
-Teams play 5 interleague games, meaning teams play 5 teams from the other division a total of 1 time. Which means teams will not play 1 team from the opposite division. This will continue on a cycle, the team you do not play one year you will play the following year.

The schedule works in the following way:

Weeks 1-5 are divisional games
Weeks 6-15 alternate each week from divisional games and interleague
Week 16* is a bye week All-Stars
Weeks 17-21 are divisional games
Weeks 22-23 are play-offs
Weeks 24-25 is 2 week Championship
*-All star week falls on different weeks occasionally, but is always a bye week

Play-Off Rules:

-Top three teams from each division play in the play-offs
-Both Number one seeds have 1st week bye of play-offs
-Seeds 2 and 3 from each division play first week.
-Winner of each division championship plays each other in Grid Iron Championship game (Week 3 of play-offs)
-Grid Iron Championship game will be 2 weeks long. Winner is determined by score over both weeks
-No teams can add/drop players during play-offs
- Disabled list moves are not allowed during the play-offs
-No team can trade
-If a tie occurs during the play-offs (not including the Championship game) the tiebreaker will be determined by opponent match up during regular season. If there happens to be a tie with that, tie breaker will be division record. In the event there is a third tie breaker needed the team with the best regular season record wins.
- If a tie occurs during the Grid Iron Championship Game the tie breaker will go to stats made with players on the bench. If for some reason theres a tie with stats the tie breakers will follow the play-off tie breakers.

League Rule Amendments:
(All rules amendments have had league majority vote)

July 8 2008- Players can not be dropped due to season injury and/or suspension. The player must have career ending injury only.

July 11 2008- Each team will have a 5 man reserve roster. GMs may add and drop players from the 27 man roster to the 5 man reserve roster only. The player does not have to be injuried. At the end of the season however players on the reserve roster have to be released and go into the draft pool with the 12 players from the 27 man roster you decide to drop. Meaning we will have a 12 round draft for our 27 man roster then hold a 5 man reserve roster.

October 1st 2008- TB's will now be replaced with OPS

January 17th 2009- CBS league will only have 4 SP and 3 RP unlike Yahoo's 2 SP 2 RP and 3 P.

March 2009- At the conclusion of the 2009 season the league will abolish all 5 man reserve rosters and league will resume the 27 man roster with no add/drops allowed after season begins**read add/drop circumstances above for more details.

May 2009- Trade council will be dissolved and all trade will go through automatically. Veto votes can only occur if three diffrent GM's complain about the fairness of a trade.

July 2009- Quality Start (QS) will be added as a stat category in 2010

December 26 2009- Droping OPS and adding OBP (on base percentage) and SLG (Slugging percentag

January 13 2010- 2 DL spots will be permited per team per season

February 15 2011- Minimum At Bat and Innings Pitch.

October 19 2011- League Championship will be 2 weeks long

December 1st 2011- Add Total Bases and Holds to stat categories for scoring, Add on Relief Pitcher to active roster

January 21st 2012- Restricted List, via commissioner

April 4th 2012- Posting players and Defecting free agents can not be draft until the following season.

September 22nd 2012- Teams are permitted to trade from the 27 man roster following the Championship game.

November 25th 2013- A season ending injury is any injury ruled by a player or team to end a player season (this can occur any time prior to Grid Iron play-offs)or an injury that occurs prior to the all star break in which the player is not supposed to return no earlier than September 1st.

September 15th 2013- Beginning 2015 the league will restructure the scoring structure to follow that of a points system. Each scoring category will be assigned a positive or negative number. The sum of the category scores at the end of the week will determine the winner of the head to head match ups. This new rule will void any previous amendments that supported the old scoring structure including the min atbats rule and the min inning pitched rule.

League Commissioners hold the right to change rules without consent of league. Any rule changes will be annouced via Private messages and the news fader.

Team Rosters

Current Team name: Bob's All Stars (team name can be changed obviously)

Draft spot: 3rd pick each round unless pick was already traded or picks traded for

Last Updated: 11/16/14



1B- Adam Laroche
1B- Chris Davis
2B- Chase Utley
SS- Alcides Escobar
LF- Matt Holiday
CF- Curtis Granderson
CF- Alejandro De Aza
RF- Nick Markakis


SP- Dan Haren
SP- Kyle Lohse
SP- Alex Wood
SP- James Shields
SP- Jon Lester
RP- Glen Perkins
RP- Huston Street

Team Name: The COOL Whips (obviously can change team name

Draft spot: 4th each round unless pick was already traded or picks traded for

Last Updated: 11/9/14



C/1B- Carlos Santana
1B- Brandon Belt
SS- Ben Zobrist
SS- Asdrubel abrera
3B- Adrian Beltre
3B- David Wright
CF- Jacki Bradley Jr.
CF- Austin Jackson
LF- Yoenis Cespedes
LF/RF- Oswaldo Arcia


SP- Matt Harvey
SP- Shelby Miller
SP- Clay Buccholz
RP- Santiago Cassila
RP- Koji Uehara

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