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12-Team $55 Redraft/Auction/Rotisserie/Bay Area Draft

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Good Morning Everyone,

My name is Brad and I am offering a traditional 5x5 redraft league with the following parameters:

12 Teams

Traditional 5x5: W, ERA, WHIP, K, SV, AVG, SB, HR, R, RBI

For active roster: 1 C, 2B, 3B, SS, 5xOF, MI, CI and 9 pitchers.

5 bench spots

Daily Lineup Changes

Minimum/Maximum IP: 1000

In-person auction draft (explained below), $260.

FAAB waiver system

$55 entry fee

The league does require league owners to either live somewhere reasonably close to San Francisco (bay area) or be willing to fly in for the event (tentatively scheduled for either March 21st or 28th). Owners must also be comfortable participating in a league whose owners are very competitive but not to the point of being complete dicks and doing *anything* to win or get what we want. We are comprised mostly of middle-aged, (relatively!) mature people with families, school etc. and are looking for about 5-6 more owners to get this league rolling.

The in-person auction draft is conducted with the intention of developing camaraderie and to hand out (next year) prizes such as a league trophy, worst record trophy etc. The league's co-commissioners go out of their way to make these events enjoyable and memorable.

If you have interest please let me know at Any interested parties will be asked to describe their fantasy baseball experience and then, if things work out chat briefly on the phone to make sure this league/new member are a good fit.

Warm Regards,

Brad Hickey

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