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New Keeper/Dynasty league starting with deep minor rosters and auction draft

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Hello Everybody,

I can't find a league that fits what I want so i decided to start one up and I am hoping we can fill it up here within the next couple weeks and start drafting sometime in February. Im still working on the finer points of the constituition, but have a rough draft done and know what i want to run, here are the basics if your interested please drop me a line. This is a long-term committment , not interested in people who only want to play for a year or two.

Main points:

Fantrax site

14-18 team league depending on interest

Auction Draft live on fantrax done over several (3-4) evenings (if your a shift worker or not willing to stay up an hour later for a couple nights please don't have interest, im thinking we start mid february and a 2-3 hour stint each monday night)

Head to Head 6 x 6

20 actives 10 reserves and 15 man milb rosters

Salary cap= price you pay in auction becomes salary with exception of minor league players who will be kept for minimum, salary will go up each year kept by 3 dollar increment

keep 20 of 30 players along with milb players and auction draft annually for nonkeepers

yearly milb draft in reverse order of standings

Trading allowed and only vetoed with majority of league dissaproval. (Trades are tricky as we want to give owners free reign to do as they please but i also want to prevent a couple poor owners from loading up the owner that is on 24/7 and constantly throwing out low ball offers.)

80 dollar fee/year

-considering something to encourage year after year participation, can discuss at a later date but am open to ideas.



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