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The Rotoworld Cup

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Gameweek 24 is top-heavy with the matchups, the teams making up the top eight face each other, which will force many owners to temper expectations, especially if you have Everton players headed to Man United, or Wigan players on their way to Villa.....

The good news is that I was basically right.

The bad news is that it was reflected in most of our scores:

1 Granicar.......................30 = 1133

2 Windy City Rumblers.....25 = 1072

3 CB Chargers FC............23 = 1066

4 The Good Doctors.........33 = 1060

5 Only Charlie Cares........47 = 999

6 FC Winningham.............36 = 998

Ewan survived the weekend drought, and in so doing, pulled himself out of the cellar. Doctors drew closer to the first division, and Winningham is getting close to shouting distance.

Gameweek 25 is drawn out over 12 days, and includes extra matches for both Manchester clubs, Fulham and Portsmouth.


Saturday, Feb 7: Aston Villa @ Blackburn (10), Liverpool @ Portsmouth (12:30), Bolton @ Everton (8)

Sunday, Feb 8: Manchester United @ West Ham (11)

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Through 25 weeks:

1 Granicar ------------------- 61 = 1194

2 Windy City Rumblers ---- 56 = 1128

3 The Good Doctors ------- 58 = 1118

4 CB Chargers FC --------- 49 = 1115

5 FC Winningham ---------- 82 = 1080

6 Only Charlie Cares ------ 53 = 1052

Winningham regained forward momentum in a big way, easily outscoring all other challengers and now forcing themselves into consideration, and making Chargers' breath more shallow. Doctors' strong showing earned them a return to the upper half.

Gameweek 25 features Chelsea's visit to Villa, and on Sunday, there's a battle of high-priced clubs between Man City and host Liverpool. Man United's Edwin van der Sar will try to keep a 15th consecutive clean sheet at home vs. Blackburn.

FSC has five matches, in all:

Saturday the 21st: West Ham @ Bolton (10), Blackburn @ Man United (12:30), Portsmouth @ Stoke City (6:30)

Sunday the 22nd: Man City @ Liverpool (10), Everton @ Newcastle (3)

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After Week 26:

1 Granicar------------------ 47 = 1241

2 CB Chargers FC-------- 77 = 1192

3 Windy City Rumblers--- 62 = 1190

4 The Good Doctors------ 25 = 1143

5 FC Winningham--------- 43 = 1123

6 Only Charlie Cares----- 25 = 1077

Chargers got a huge lift from the defense, and surged into 2nd place. Rumblers' effort kept them in contention, and the race has centered around the top 3. Winningham continues to gain ground, and can now see their way out of 5th.

There's only eight matches this weekend, as Man United and Portsmouth are off the slate. There will be a brief respite before another extended Gameweek starts on 3/3.

FSC has for us:

Saturday, the 28th: Fulham @ Arsenal (10)

Sunday, the 1st: Stoke City @ Aston Villa (10), Newcastle @ Bolton (4:30)

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Through 27 weeks:

1 Granicar--------------------- 39 = 1272

2 CB Chargers FC------------ 62 = 1254

3 Windy City Rumblers------ 55 = 1245

4 FC Winningham------------ 43 = 1166

5 The Good Doctors---------- 21 = 1164

6 Only Charlie Cares--------- 7 = 1084

Chargers continued their upward climb by pacing the group for a second week in a row. Rumblers' nearly-as-strong showing kept them close behind as the clubs continue to whittle away at Granicar's lead. Winningham's showing knocked Doctors into 5th, and there really isn't much you can say about Charlie's showing, other than, "Damn".

Gameweek 28 is another extended interval, with two extra matches. Mark Schwarzer owners get two starts from the game's top bargain, fresh off a clean sheet away to Arsenal in yesterday's London derby. In addition to Fulham, Tottenham, Sunderland and Blackburn have a second match.

FSC matches:

Tuesday the 3rd: Chelsea @ Portsmouth (2:30)

Wednesday the 4th: Aston Villa @ Manchester City (2:30), Everton @ Blackburn (5)

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With 11 Gameweeks remaining, here's the leading scorers, by position:


Edwin van der Sar (Man United) - 126

Mark Schwarzer (Fulham) - 126

Manuel Almunia (Arsenal) - 113

Petr Cech (Chelsea) - 113

Pepe Reina (Liverpool) - 111

Brad Friedel (Aston Villa) - 110

Tim Howard (Everton) - 110


Nemanja Vidic (Man United) - 155

Jose Bosingwa (Chelsea) - 131

Joleon Lescott (Everton) - 119

Phil Jagielka (Everton) - 113

Jamie Carragher (Liverpool) - 108

Titus Bramble (Wigan) - 102

Brede Hangeland (Fulham) - 100


Frank Lampard (Chelsea) - 169

Cristiano Ronaldo (Man United) - 149

Steven Gerrard (Liverpool) - 134

Mikael Arteta (Everton) - 129

Gareth Barry (Aston Villa) - 121

Dirk Kuyt (Liverpool) - 119

Stephen Ireland (Man City) - 115

Ashley Young (Aston Villa) - 115


Niklas Anelka (Chelsea) - 126

Gabriel Agbonlahor (Aston Villa) - 123

Robin van Persie (Arsenal) - 115

Carlton Cole (West Ham) - 115

Dimitar Berbatov (Man United) - 113

Robinho (Man City) - 110

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Points through Gameweek 28:

1 Granicar------------------- 42 = 1314

2 CB Chargers FC---------- 57 = 1311

3 Windy City Rumblers----- 44 = 1289

4 The Good Doctors-------- 47 = 1211

5 FC Winningham----------- 41 = 1207

6 Only Charlie Cares------- 33 = 1117

Another good week for Chargers places them just three points behind Granicar, whose 8-week run at the top is in danger of slipping away. Rumblers are still in striking distance, and while the Doctors rebounded from a couple of poor showings, they and those in their wake are in danger of running out of time to make a move.

Liverpool at Man United will be this week's feature match, and with only nine points separating 8th place and 18th, there is the potential for much shuffling of the league table.

The FSC Schedule:

Saturday the 14th: Stoke City @ Everton (11), Newcastle @ Hull City (5:30), Fulham @ Bolton (7:30)

Sunday the 15th: Tottenham @ Aston Villa (12)

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Through 29 weeks:

1 CB Chargers FC ---------- 52 --- 1363

2 Granicar ------------------- 38 --- 1352

3 Windy City Rumblers ---- 55 --- 1344

4 FC Winningham ----------- 40 --- 1247

5 The Good Doctors -------- 30 --- 1241

6 Only Charlie Cares ------- 39 --- 1156

Despite watching Rumblers lay claim as the high scorer for the week, Chargers posted a strong enough total to take over the top spot in the table. The top three moved further away from the rest of the pack, and with ten weeks remaining, it's anybody's game.

Liverpool hosts Aston Villa in this week's marquee matchup, meanwhile, Chelsea tries to inch closer to front-runner Man United when they visit surging Tottenham for a London derby.

FSC has for us:

Saturday, the 21st: Chelsea @ Tottenham (11), Arsenal @ Newcastle (1:30)

Sunday, the 22nd: Aston Villa @ Liverpool (12), Sunderland @ Manchester City (5:30)

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Points through Week 30:

1 CB Chargers FC ---------- 53 --- 1416

2 Windy City Rumblers ---- 26 --- 1370

3 Granicar ------------------- 26 --- 1370

4 FC Winningham ---------- 41 --- 1288

5 The Good Doctors ------- 16 --- 1257

6 Only Charlie Cares ------ 27 --- 1183

The auto-substitution system could not have come in more handy for Chargers, who gained 20 extra points when a pair of defenders were slid into their lineup to make up for missing starters. The bonus stretched the front-runner's lead to 46 points with eight weeks remaining on the schedule.

There's still time for Rumblers and Granicar to make up ground and get back in the picture, but they can't afford any more quiet outings. As we've seen before, it's not out of the question for any of the sides to put up a quick 70 points and get right back into the race.

FWIW, this guy: put up 119 points this weekend.

Man United will try to recover from their loss away to Fulham and re-assert their superiority when they host Aston Villa on Sunday. Liverpool, trailing United by a single point, will tr to avoid the same trap United fell into when they visit the Cottagers on Saturday.

FSC has a full slate for us:

Saturday the 4th: Chelsea @ Newcastle (10am), Liverpool @ Fulham (12:30pm), Stoke City @ West Brom (6:30pm)

Sunday the 5th: Aston Villa @ Manchester United (11am)

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As we've seen before, it's not out of the question for any of the sides to put up a quick 70 points and get right back into the race.

As if on cue, three clubs made a run at that number last week. The points after 31 weeks:

1 CB Chargers FC ---------- 69 --- 1485

2 Granicar ------------------- 66 --- 1432

3 Windy City Rumblers ----- 59 --- 1429

4 FC Winningham ----------- 66 --- 1354

5 The Good Doctors -------- 24 --- 1281

6 Only Charlie Cares ------- 30 --- 1213

Chargers extended their lead with the high score, as all six clubs kicked it up a notch. With seven weeks remaining, Granicar and Rumblers need to outscore CB by an average of 8 points a week to at least draw level.

5th place Aston Villa host 6th place Everton in the marquee matchup of the week; Villa lead the Toffees by a single point. Newcastle should get a chance to get out of the drop zone if they can win a road match with Stoke City, provided of course, Man United wins on the road at Sunderland.


Saturday the 11th: Bolton @ Chelsea (10am), Newcastle @ Stoke City (12:30pm), Arsenal @ Wigan (12:00am)

Sunday the 12th: Fulham @ Manchester City (11am)

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The points after 32 weeks....only 6 weeks to go!:

1 CB Chargers FC ----------- 80 --- 1565

2 Granicar -------------------- 59 --- 1491

3 Windy City Rumblers ------ 53 --- 1482

4 FC Winningham ------------- 52 --- 1406

5 The Good Doctors ---------- 26 --- 1307

6 Only Charlie Cares --------- 47 --- 1260

Chargers posted the highest league score in the league since Winningham passed 80 in week 25. In doing so, they pushed their lead to 74 points, with Rumblers falling to 83 points back.

There are some good matchups dotting this week's slate.....Arsenal visits Liverpool, Everton goes to London to face Chelsea, and Aston Villa will attempt to ensure West Ham doesn't threaten their UEFA chances when the Hammers come calling.

FSC has:

Saturday the 18th: Blackburn @ Stoke City (10am), Fulham @ Middlesbrough (4:30pm)

Sunday the 19th: West Brom @ Manchester City (11pm)

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The updated points through 33 weeks:

1 CB Chargers FC ----------- 61 --- 1626

2 Granicar -------------------- 47 --- 1530

3 Windy City Rumblers ------ 40 --- 1522

4 FC Winningham ------------ 43 --- 1449

5 The Good Doctors --------- 38 --- 1345

6 Only Charlie Cares -------- 42 --- 1302

Chargers stretched their advantage close to the century mark by pacing the league for the fourth time in five weeks. Winningham appears locked in the 4th position, so unless either Granicar or Rumblers can make a late-season surge toward the top, the races will be for 2nd place, and the ability to avoid the basement.

The usual suspects are locked into the top 4 spots of the EPL, with Man United, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal firmly in place. Chelsea and Arsenal get top-10 competition this week; meanwhile, United and Liverpool will try to hold off clubs fighting to avoid relegation. West Brom is headed back to the Championship, but seven other teams are within seven points of the drop zone.


Saturday the 25th: Chelsea @ West Ham (10am), Tottenham @ Manchester United (12:30pm), Aston Villa @ Bolton (4:30pm)

Sunday the 26th: Wigan @ Blackburn (11am)

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With four weeks left in the season, here are the standings:

1 CB Chargers FC ----------- 49 --- 1675

2 Windy City Rumblers ----- 49 --- 1571

3 Granicar --------------------- 33 --- 1563

4 FC Winningham ------------ 46 --- 1495

5 The Good Doctors --------- 36 --- 1381

6 Only Charlie Cares -------- 21 --- 1323

Scoring was way down across the league; in fact, Chargers and Rumblers met the game average of 49 points for the week. In case Rumblers' case, it was enough to shove past Granicar for the #2 position; for Chargers, it meant a triple-digit lead.

The race to escape relegation is now the focus of the EPL heading into the final throes of the season. Even though West Brom continues to sit in last place, there are still eight teams within their reach. We'll look at that more closely over in the Fantasy Futbol Forum.

The FSC Schedule for the weekend:

Saturday, the 2nd: Arsenal @ Portsmouth (10am), West Ham @ Stoke City (12pm), Bolton @ Wigan (4:30pm)

Sunday, the 3rd: Everton @ Sunderland (11am)

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Point totals through 35 weeks:

1 CB Chargers FC ----------- 53 --- 1728

2 Windy City Rumblers ------ 33 --- 1604

3 Granicar -------------------- 38 --- 1601

4 FC Winningham ----------- 58 --- 1553

5 The Good Doctors --------- 25 --- 1406

6 Only Charlie Cares -------- 23 --- 1346

There was no movement in the standings, as only Chargers and Winningham were able to break 40 points. Granicar did get some points back on Rumblers.

This weeks schedule has some entertaining matchups; we have a Manchester Darby when City visits United, as well as a London version between Arsenal and Chelsea. What is of particular note in fantasy circles is that this is United's "makeup" week, where they'll get caught up on a match missed when they were engaged in FA Cup competition.

So if you have any Red Devils, start them! If you don't, but have the money, buy one!

Their second match of the Gameweek is away to Wigan, who have two matches also. The presence of the Red Devils on the fixture list makes them less desirable, but they'll also be better values. Defender Titus Bramble has played very well, and only costs 4.9 million.

FSC is showing what should be three very good matches:

Saturday, the 9th: Tottenham @ Everton (10am), Liverpool @ West Ham (12:30pm)

Sunday, the 10th: Chelsea @ Arsenal (11am)

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The point totals, after 36 weeks:

1 CB Chargers FC ------------ 29 --- 1753

2 Granicar --------------------- 42 --- 1639

3 Windy City Rumblers ------ 29 --- 1633

4 FC Winningham ------------ 52 --- 1601

5 The Good Doctors --------- 20 --- 1426

6 Only Charlie Cares -------- 35 --- 1381

Only two weeks left to go, and what needs to be determined is the 2nd place finisher. Winningham's 52 stuck out like a sore thumb compared to the other clubs' efforts, and it gave them a view of Granicar, who re-claimed #2 by also getting at least some production from their starting XI. After a stretch of playing front-runner in the weekly points, Chargers appear content backing their way to the end.

Arsenal's visit to Man United headlines this week's matches; United only needs 1 point to secure another EPL Championship. 2nd place Liverpool needs to make up 6 points in their last two matches to catch up to the Red Devils, and have a great opportunity to get halfway there when they head to last-place West Brom.

The Fox schedule:

Saturday, the 16th: Manchester City @ Tottenham (10am), West Ham @ Everton (12pm), Wigan @ Stoke City (6:30pm)

Sunday, the 17th: Blackburn @ Chelsea (11am)

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With One Week Remaining, here are the points:

1 CB Chargers FC ---------- 43 --- 1796

2 Granicar ------------------- 53 --- 1692

3 Windy City Rumblers ----- 50 --- 1683

4 FC Winningham ----------- 71 --- 1672

5 The Good Doctors -------- 22 --- 1448

6 Only Charlie Cares ------- 30 --- 1411

It's a three way race for 2nd place, with Granicar holding 9 on Rumblers and while they hold 20 on Willingham, last week showed that they're up for the challenge.

All of this week's matches will be played on Sunday, and with United having secured another league title, the drama will be surrounding Aston Villa and Everton's efforts to land a spot in European competition for 09/10 (whomever finsihes 6th goes into Qualifying only), as well as the relegation battle.

FSC's schedule:

11:00am - Man United @ Hull City

1:00pm - Middlesbrough @ West Ham

Hull City can earn safety with a Draw or a Loss and Middlesbrough failing to Win....Boro will be without top player Stewart Downing, who has a broken foot.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, your final points update of the season:

1 CB Chargers FC ---------- 31 --- 1827

2 Granicar ---------------------- 47 --- 1739

3 FC Winningham -------------- 57 --- 1729

4 Windy City Rumblers -------- 39 --- 1722

5 The Good Doctors ----------- 31 --- 1479

6 Only Charlie Cares ---------- 41 --- 1452

Chargers fought off challenges from everyone and all over the course of the long season, but outlasted their foes and claimed a second straight title. Granicar and Winningham were up tot the challenge, and earned their places in the top half of the table.

I'll soon be posting the final leading scorers by position and links to the game for anyone looking ahead to '09/10.....

Thanks to all for playing, and don't forget, a new season starts in about 12 weeks!

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The 2009/10 Season Is Almost Here......Time To Start Getting Ready!

The Barclays Fantasy Premier League Game is up and running, and The Rotoworld Cup is ready for competitors.

In order to sign up, go to:

Once you've selected your colors and players, go to 'Leagues' and in the box next to Join a Private League, enter the following code: 216307-55868

Teams are made up of 15 players, including: 2 Goalkeepers, 5 Defenders, 5 Midfielders, and 3 Forwards (strikers). Each week, you select a starting 11 with a variety of formation options to use. The extra Goalkeeper and Bench players will be automatically substituted into the lineup if any starters do not play, provided it fits into a legal formation.

You also choose a Team Captain, who will earn Double Points for the Week. A new feature to the game is Emergency Captains; if your the player you select as Captain does not play, another player will automatically be chosen for you, based either on their Price, or their recent play (Form).

The top returning scorers at each position will be posted in the Fantasy Futbol forum, check it out for some ideas on how to plan out your squad.

Good luck....and Game On!

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One more week to go before kickoff......Four teams are in, and there's plenty of room for more!

In order to sign up, go to:

Once you've selected your colors and players, go to 'Leagues' and in the box next to Join a Private League, enter the following code: 216307-55868

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Cleveland Steamers....LOL Good to see ya back Ewan!

We're still missing three owners from last season. C'mon guys!

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Gameweek 1 Points:

1 Cleveland Steamers ---- 62

2 CB Chargers FC -------- 53

3 Back of the Net --------- 49

4 NYFC --------------------- 48

5 Granicar -----------------34

It's a short week with two matches tomorrow, and four on Wednesday.

FSC won't be airing any of the matches, but it's worth noting that Chelsea play tomorrow; Man United and Liverpool both play on Wednesday.

There will be a full slate this weekend.

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We're looong overdue for an apologies!:

1 Cleveland Steamers ------ 57 --- 192

2 CB Chargers FC ----------- 52 --- 185

3 Back of the Net ------------ 45 --- 166

4 NYFC ------------------------ 54 --- 153

5 Granicar -------------------- 49 --- 144

The Steamers have jumped out to a nice start, and are doing a fine job of holding Chargers at arm's length. The others have done well enough to stay in close range, and each club had a solid showing last week.

Your League-wide Dream Team, after four weeks:

GK: Thomas Sorenson (SC) 26

D: Glen Johnson (LIV) 31, Ryan Shawcross (SC) 29, Ashley Cole (CHE) 27

M: Aaron Lennon (TOT) 27, Steven Gerrard (LIV) 26, Frank Lampard (CHE) 25, Michel Ballack (CHE) 23

F: Didier Drogba (CHE) 33, Wayne Rooney (MAN) 31, Jermain Defoe (TOT) 28

There are no matches this weekend, and play will resume with Gameweek 5 during the weekend of September 12-13.

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There was no change in the standings after last week:

1 Cleveland Steamers ----- 75 --- 267

2 CB Chargers FC ---------- 46 --- 231

3 Back of the Net ----------- 50 --- 216

4 NYFC ----------------------- 49 --- 202

5 Granicar ------------------- 47 --- 183

Steamers had a very strong week, stretching the over Chargers, who actually had the weakest showing. Granicar continues to struggle, but are still only a couple of good Weeks away from getting back in the race.

Two local rivalries take center stage on Sunday: the Manchester derby between United and City feature the 2nd and 3rd place clubs, while a match between London-based clubs has 1st-place Chelsea hosting 4th place Tottenham (FSC, 11am).

FSC is also showing Aston Villa v. Portsmouth (9/19 at 10am) and West Ham v. Liverpool (9/19 at 12:30pm), as well as the taped match between Everton and Blackburn (9/20 at 7pm). ESPN2 is airing Burnley v. Sunderland at 7:45am on 9/19.

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Huzzah! Some movement in the table:

1 Cleveland Steamers ------ 59 - 326

2 CB Chargers FC ----------- 59 - 290

3 NYFC ----------------------- 60 - 262

4 Back of the Net ------------ 42 - 258

5 Granicar -------------------- 51 - 226

Buoyed by a league-high effort, NYFC climbed into 3rd position. Steamers maintain a healthy lead, but Chargers matched them step for step last weekend. Granicar fell an even 100 points off the pace.

This week's EPL matchups don't offer the same drama as last weekend, but one thing bears watching: will Portsmouth finally earn a point? Pompey has lost all six of their matches thus far, and tomorrow will try and get off the schneid when they host a revived Everton side. Catch the action tomorrow morning at 7:30 eastern on ESPN2.

FSC is offering....

Tomorrow: Liverpool v. Hull City (10), Fulham v. Arsenal (12:30), Tottenham v. Burnley (7)

Sunday: Sunderland v. Wolves (11)

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Gameweek 7 is in the books...the points:

1 Cleveland Steamers -------- 75 - 397

2 CB Chargers FC ------------- 57 - 347

3 NYFC ------------------------- 74 - 336

4 Back of the Net -------------- 49 - 307

5 Granicar ---------------------- 56 - 282

It was a big week for Fernando Torres and Darren Bent owners, and all three teams at the top had one or the other in their IX....Steamers had both, and with "El Nino" wearing the armband, he accounted for 34 of the 75 points. The net result is a healthy lead over Chargers and NYFC, who at least kept pace with the front-runners.

Chelsea v. Liverpool and Aston Villa vs. Man City are your featured matches of the week. The Blues' recent stumble vs. Wigan has allowed Man United to work out a tie for 1st in the EPL, and Liverpool comes in having won four straight. Villa recently fell after winning fours in a row, and City visits them having won five of their last six.

Meanwhile, Portsmouth is still looking for their first positive result of the season. They visit Wolves this weekend, who have lost two of three and may prove to be a sight for sore, losing eyes.

FSC will be airing the Chelsea/Liverpool match on Sunday at 11am....on Saturday, they have Hull City v. Wigan (10am) and Man United v. Sunderland at 12:30.

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Your point totals, after 8 weeks:

1 Cleveland Steamers ------ 87 = 484

2 NYFC ------------------------- 46 = 382

3 CB Chargers FC ----------- 33 = 380

4 Back of the Net ------------ 28 = 335

5 Granicar --------------------- 35 = 317

Steamers, led by captain Cesc Fabregas, had a massive week, and has built a large lead for themselves as we approach the quarter pole. The 44 points (inc. captain bonus) posted by the Arsenal midfielder was almost as many as the next-highest team total for the week. NYFC moved into 2nd position by taking advantage of a Chargers clunker, and BOTN and Granicar bring up the rear.

We're in the middle of an international break, with more World Cup qualifying going on. EPL play will resume during the weekend of the 17th. Now would be a good time to take stock of the rosters, and see where some improvement can be made.

If not, Ewan could run away with this thing!

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