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The Rotoworld Cup

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Sorry for the lack of an's where things stood heading into today:

1 Cleveland Steamers ------- 1700

2 CB Chargers FC ------------- 1473

3 NYFC --------------------------- 1454

4 Granicar ----------------------- 1417

5 Back of the Net -------------- 1388

Chargers chipped away at Steamers' lead, but it's too little, too late. It's become a two-team race for 2nd, and BotN is nipping at Granicar's heels for 4th.

I can tell you this much for Gameweek 30 (players used in parentheses), including remaining players:

BotN - 45 (8) - Ayala, Vieira, Tevez

Granicar - 36 (9) - Barry, Tevez

NYFC - 36 (9) - Insua, Rooney

Steamers - 24 (5)* - Insua, Evra, Rooney, Torres

Chargers - 22 (4)* - Carragher, Valencia, Duff, Rooney, Bent

* starting lineup member Cesc Fabregas didn't play in Arsenal's win today, so Steamers will get Steven Pienaar's five points auto-subbed in; Chargers will get five from Jody Craddock; because Fabregas was Chargers' captain, based on Form that designation will fall to Darren Bent

One more thing....get your transfers ready, there's fifteen matches in Gameweek 31

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After 30 weeks....

1 Cleveland Steamers ------- 92 = 1792

2 NYFC ------------------------- 79 = 1533

3 CB Chargers FC ------------ 55 = 1528

4 Granicar --------------------- 55 = 1460

5 Back of the Net ------------- 53 = 1441

Steamers were best, and NYFC put up a strong showing and regained 2nd position.

The league is now ranked 91,407 out of 192,925

Ten different clubs play twice in this Gameweek, fifteen matches, total. Chelsea, Man City and Aston Villa are among them, so there should be some big numbers put up.

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There was no movement in the standings after week 31.......

1 Cleveland Steamers --------- 95 = 1879

2 NYFC --------------------------- 79 = 1612

3 CB Chargers FC -------------- 69 = 1593

4 Granicar ---------------------- 124 = 1580

5 Back of the Net --------------- 88 = 1529

.....but the lousy showing by Chargers gave NYFC a little more breathing room, and created an opening for Granicar after their huge week. Making Didier Drogba the captain was key, as the Chelsea forward accounted for 40 points, and when combined with Everton midfielder Mikael Arteta's 22 points, gave the 4th-place side almost as many points as Chargers' whole team.

The league surged forward in the overall rankings, moving up to 82,474 out of 193,046.

Gameweek 32 brings a return to "normalcy", with a standard 10-match slate to be played over the weekend. There are three EPL races for positioning to monitor:

- Man United, Chelsea and Arsenal are separated by 2 points for 1st place

- Tottenham, Man City, Liverpool and Aston Villa are separated by 4 points for 4th place, and with it, a spot in Champions League qualifying

- West Ham, Burnley and Hull City are separated by 3 points for 17th place, and a return to the EPL for 2010/11; two of those three will be getting sent down with Portsmouth

FSC has Birmingham/Arsenal (11am) and Bolton/Man United (1:30pm) on Saturday, and Liverpool/Sunderland (11am) on Sunday.

ESPN2 has Man City/Wigan on Monday at 3pm.

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I'm wondering if anyone in my midfield can actually stay healthy and in the lineup these final few games. It'd be nice to be able to make a move to actually improve my team instead of covering for an injury.

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The updated points through 32 weeks:

1 Cleveland Steamers ------- 87 = 1966

2 NYFC -------------------------- 51 = 1663

3 CB Chargers FC ------------- 58 = 1651

4 Granicar ---------------------- 33 = 1613

5 Back of the Net -------------- 64 = 1593

It was a good week to own Chelsea players, especially Frank Lampard, Florent Malouda and Yuri Zhirkov. Steamers breezed to the week's honors, and extended the lead to a full 300 points. Chargers were able to make up some of the ground lost to NYFC last week, and BotN is making Granicar think twice about secure his place above the basement is.

The league drifted backward a little, and is now ranked 84,615 out of 193,118.

Man United host Chelsea on Saturday in the marquee match of the week. United holds 1st over the Chelsea by a single point, but the Blues' utter demolition of Villa by a 7-1 score gives them the Goal Differential tie-breaker, 53-51. You can count Villa out of the race for the final Champions League spot, as the blowout loss leaves them 7 points behind Tottenham, and their GD is now nowhere near Spurs', Liverpool or Man City.

On Saturday, FSC has Sunderland/Tottenham at 10am, Burnley/Man City at 12:30pm and a replay of Stoke/Hull at 5pm. On Sunday, Everton/West Ham is on at 11am.

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Your Week 33 update:

1 Cleveland Steamers --------- 58 = 2020

2 NYFC ---------------------------- 71 = 1734

3 CB Chargers FC --------------- 60 = 1711

4 Granicar ------------------------ 62 = 1671

5 Back of the Net ---------------- 60 = 1653

NYFC took the weekly honors as there was no movement in the table. The showing gave them some breathing room in the race for 2nd best.

The league as a whole moved up a few thousand places, and is ranked 81,435 out of 193,270.

Tottenham hosts Arsenal in a London derby that serves as the Gameweek's marquee matchup. In the race for the crown, Chelsea will look to add three points when they host Bolton. Man United will try to do the same when they travel to Blackburn, but it won't be easy, as Rovers have won five of their last six at home.

Hull City, Burnley and Portsmouth hold down the relegation zone, but West Ham is only a point clear, and Hull City has a game in hand on them.

Hull City/Burnley are on FSC tomorrow (10am), as well as the FA Cup semifinal between Aston Villa and Chelsea (12). On Sunday at 11 is Man City/Birmingham.

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If this doesn't tell you that today's matchups were, ahem, unappealing, then I don't know what does:

Average score: 3


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There was no change in the standings, and with four weeks remaining, here are the numbers:

1 Cleveland Steamers ---------- 50 = 2070

2 NYFC ----------------------------- 35 = 1769

3 CB Chargers FC --------------- 35 = 1746

4 Granicar ------------------------ 44 = 1715

5 Back of the Net ---------------- 42 = 1695

The league nudged upward in the overall standings, and is now ranked 80,638 out of 193,300.

The matches to watch this week involve the 1st and 2nd and 4th and 5th place sides. Man City holds a single-point advantage over Tottenham for the final Champions League qualifying spot, and both have tall tasks this week: The Citizens host #2 Man United in a Manchester derby, and #1 Chelsea visits Spurs in a matchup between London rivals.

The Tottenham/Chelsea match will be shown on FSC at 12:30pm tomorrow, after Blackburn/Everton at 10am. On Sunday, Portsmouth/Aston Villa kick off at 11am. ESPN2 has Liverpool and West Ham at 3pm.

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Points after 35 weeks:

1 Cleveland Steamers --------- 66 = 2128

2 NYFC --------------------------- 74 = 1843

3 CB Chargers FC -------------- 57 = 1803

4 Granicar ----------------------- 59 = 1774

5 Back of the Net --------------- 66 = 1761

Instead of talking about how everyone stayed in place, let's focus on the climb up the league rankings to 78,722 out of 193,317. That doesn't seem like a big deal, but we've gained 13,000 places over the last five weeks, and at this rate, we could finish in the top third of all leagues. I find that something of an accomplishment, as we only have five members.

Imagine where we'd be with a few more!

Man United/Tottenham and Arsenal/Man City (FSC Tomorrow, 12:30pm) are the headline matches in Gameweek 36. Hull City and Burnley still have a chance of avoiding relegation, but have to start winning, something they've combined to do twice in the last six weeks.

Start your Aston Villa and Liverpool players. Villa hosts Birmingham, who have lost five of their last six on the road, and Liverpool goes to Burnley, who have lost three straight at home.

FSC also has West Ham/Wigan at 10am and the taped Wolves/Blackburn match at 5pm. Chelsea/Stoke City is on Sunday at 11am.

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It was a week of legend for the Rotoworlders in Gameweek 36....

1 Cleveland Steamers ------- 98 = 2226

2 NYFC -------------------------- 72 = 1915

3 CB Chargers FC ------------ 68 = 1871

4 Back of the Net ------------- 80 = 1841

5 Granicar ---------------------- 59 = 1833

Steamers put their stamp on a Championship run by brushing the century mark. BotN surged past Granicar for 4th place and now have 3rd place in their sights, but time is running short.

The league produced another massive leap forward, and is now ranked 72,553 out of 193,334

I'll post the Week 37 Preview in a few days.

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As we head into the final couple of weeks of the EPL season, the various races I described a few weeks ago are still going on.....

For 1st place

Chelsea's 7-0 obliteration of Stoke last weekend not only got them back into first place by a single point over Man United, but also 8 goal advantage in the all-important Goal Differential column. United has a road match against Sunderland and closes at home vs. Stoke and will have to run over them while hoping that a visit to Liverpool and a visit from Wigan are unkind to the Blues.

For 4th and a spot in the Champions League

Tottenham, Aston Villa, Man City and Liverpool, in that order, are within two points of each other. Here's how that portion of the table looks, with Games Remaining and Goal Differential:

Tottenham ---- 64 points, 3 games, +26

Aston Villa ----- 64 points, 2 games, +16

Man City ------- 63 points, 3 games, +27

Liverpool ------- 62 points, 2 games, +28

City has their next two matches at home, but have to deal with Villa and Spurs....all kinds of weird things could happen depending on how those turn out. Liverpool has no choice in the matter, they must win out and get help if they want to play CL football next season.

The race for 17th

Burnley has been mathematically eliminated from survival, and will join Portsmouth in the Championship next season. Hull City still has hope of remaining in the top flight, but stand six points shy of West Ham, and if the Hammers can carve out a road draw at tough Fulham on Sunday, the Tigers will have their hopes dashed.

The Man City/Villa match is live on FSC tomorrow at 10am, and diehards can check out Portsmouth/Wolves at 12pm. On Sunday, Sunderland/n United is on at 11am. That vital Man City/Tottenham match being played on Wednesday the 5th will be on ESPN2 at 3pm.

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With one week to go, here is the table:

1 Cleveland Steamers ------- 85 = 2303

2 NYFC -------------------------- 70 = 1985

3 CB Chargers FC ------------ 42 = 1913

4 Back of the Net ------------- 63 = 1904

5 Granicar ---------------------- 59 = 1892

Congratulations to the Steamers, who not only wrapped things up some time ago, but have completely obliterated the previous RW Cup points record. They've set an extremely high bar for future seasons, and greatly earned their title.

BotN will try to make a last-minute swoop into 3rd place tomorrow, after some very good work in reviving their season over the last several weeks.

The battle for 1st in the Prem between Man United and Chelsea is the only race left, with the Blues holding a 1-point advantage. Chelsea hosts Wigan, and United will entertain Stoke City. With both matches eminently winnable for the front-runners, the League title may come down to which of the underdogs can play spoiler.

FSC will show Chelsea/Wigan live at 11am. The United match will be shown online at Fox, which you can watch on a one-day trial basis for $4.95. ESPN2 has West Ham/Man City, also at 11am.

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Did Steamers run that table? I can't remember a time when he wasn't in 1st.

For my first year doing this, I'll gladly take 2nd place. It was fun, and I hope we play it again next year.

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Did Steamers run that table? I can't remember a time when he wasn't in 1st.

For my first year doing this, I'll gladly take 2nd place. It was fun, and I hope we play it again next year.

Congrats to Steamers, had it sewn up early Thanks to everyone else for a fun season. Looking forward to 2010/11

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The Final Table:

1 Cleveland Steamers ----- 80 = 2379

2 NYFC -------------------------- 60 = 2045

3 CB Chargers FC ------------ 63 = 1976

4 Back of the Net ------------- 64 = 1968

5 Granicar ---------------------- 67 = 1959

As far as I can tell, the Steamers did run the table, leading the league in scoring every single month of the season. Truly outstanding work, and what makes it even more noteworthy is that ewan finished with an overall ranking of 4,545 out of 2,316,934.....the top 2%.

The league as a whole finished 68,544 out of 193,284, or in the top 35%. Even though we finished just outside of the upper 3rd, I still consider it quite an accomplishment given our league size.

I'll post the final top 10 scorers by position later this week, but in the meantime, I wanted to thank everyone for a great season, and hope to see even more of you next season.

I'm already looking forward to August!

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As promised, here are the final top 10's, by position for 2009/10:


Pepe Reina, Liverpool -- 164

Brad Friedel, Aston Villa -- 161

Heurelho Gomes, Tottenham -- 148

Thomas Sorensen, Stoke City -- 145

Petr Cech, Chelsea -- 144

Joe Hart, Birmingham -- 140

Mark Schwarzer, Fulham -- 139

Tim Howard, Everton -- 137

Paul Robinson, Blackburn -- 133

Shay Given, Man City -- 131

Schwarzer was last season's leader. Edwin Van der Saar would ordinarily be up here, if not for his early-season injury. Friedel likely would have ran away with this if Villa hadn't fallen apart down the stretch. Given was a borderline top-5 performer whose season ended early with injury.


Richard Dunne, Aston Villa -- 170

Patrice Evra, Man United -- 168

John Terry, Chelsea -- 150

Carlos Cuellar, Aston Villa -- 145

Leighton Baines, Everton -- 138

Thomas Vermaelen, Arsenal -- 138

Ashley Cole, Chelsea -- 135

Jody Craddock, Wolves -- 132

Jamie Carragher, Liverpool -- 127

Glen Johnson, Liverpool -- 124

Unlike Friedel, Dunne was able to hang on to the top spot through the end. Craddock was a bit of a surprise, especially since he only had five points in his last three matches. Based on his per game average, Glen Johnson would have blown away all competitors, had he not missed thirteen matches due to injury.


Frank Lampard, Chelsea -- 284

Cesc Fabregas, Arsenal -- 214

John Milner, Aston Villa -- 184

Florent Malouda, Chelsea -- 169

Steven Gerrard, Liverpool -- 159

Ashley Young, Aston Villa -- 152

Matthew Etherington, Stoke City -- 146

Charles N'Zogbia, Wigan -- 146

Antonio Valencia, Man United -- 144

Dirk Kuyt, Liverpool -- 143

Thanks to the Ronaldo exodus and injuries to Fabregas and Gerrard, Lampard's exceptional season easily dominated the position. Milner had a breakout season with Gareth Barry gone to City (he struggled to finish 23rd), while fellow Villan Young disappointed, doing most of his damage against weaker teams, and disappearing in the bigger matches.


Didier Drogba, Chelsea -- 242

Wayne Rooney, Man United -- 224

Carlos Tevez, Man City -- 210

Darren Bent, Sunderland -- 195

Niklas Anelka, Chelsea -- 151

Jermain Defoe, Tottenham --150

Hugo Rodallega, Wigan -- 149

Gabriel Agbonlahor, Aston Villa -- 146

Fernando Torres, Liverpool -- 141

Emmanuel Adebayor, Man City -- 136

A late season injury to Rooney ruined what would have been an epic battle for the top spot. Drogba saved his best for last, scoring ten times in his last ten matches to claim the Golden Boot. Bent provided tremendous value, even more so than the cheaper Rodallega, who stumbled badly in the 2nd half. Torres, like teammate Johnson, is a "what could have been" story....the Spaniard missed fifteen games over the course of the season, and his 18 goals in 23 matches to projects to around 30 over a full season.

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