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Fantasy Baseball Leagues 12 different options, $50 per team, League Safe

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We have leagues open at Options include:

01. Mixed Head-to-Head, Snake Draft

02. Mixed Head-to-Head, Auction Draft

03. AL-Only ROTO, Snake Draft

04. AL-Only ROTO, Auction Draft

05. NL-Only ROTO, Snake Draft

06. NL-Only ROTO, Auction Draft

07. Mixed ROTO, Snake Draft

08. Mixed ROTO, Auction Draft

09. AL-Only Head-to-Head, Snake Draft

10. AL-Only Head-to-Head, Auction Draft

11. NL-Only Head-to-Head, Snake Draft

12. NL-Only Head-to-Head, Auction Draft

All rules can be found here. All leagues are 12-team with a $50 entry fee that can be paid via LeagueSafe. Immediate payouts at the end of the season. If you have any questions, reply to this post or email us at

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