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16 Team H2H Start-Up Dynasty League

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I am recruiting for a new start-up Dynasty league. The league is played on Fantrax and will be a full dynasty setup. No salary and No contracts. The draft is randomly set and is a snake draft. ( non-auction) and will be a slow draft.

The league is comprised of 16 teams using a league theme of old time MLB team names ( non-current) OR Negro League team names.

Our setup is H2H Points. Our point system gives good balance between batters and pitchers creating a very balanced structure.

Our rosters are 10 active bats and 10 active pitchers ( SP,RP) and 10 reserves, with 20 minor league rosters per team max and 5 DL spots.

The cost per owner is $50 which is placed into our fantrax league treasury account and also each owner pays their own portion of the fantrax fee which is about $5 per owner.

For detailed rules and ownership consideration please email me.

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