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Wanted teams for the Long Haul for Brand New Roto 6x6 Auction 12 Team Keeper League

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New Keeper League forming. Roto Scoring- Live In Person(NJ) Auction Draft Format 6x6 - R, RBI, HR, D+T, SB,OBA -W,ERA,Whip,K,SV,Holds.

41 Player Roster- 3C,1B,3B, 6MI, 8 OF, 8SP,6RP- 4 Minor leaguers.

23 Starters 2 C,1B,3B, 4MI, 5 OF, 5 SP,3 RP

This league in year 2 will allow each team to designate 2 players to be kept for the previous years $ amount.

If Interested will go into further details.

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