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Brand New 20 Team H2H Points Dynasty League

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Looking for two more owners for a start up dynasty league on CBS. Details are as follows:

Entry: $50 through Leaguesafe

Draft Date: Sunday, March 15th

-Note: With 20 teams it will a nightmare to change find a draft date the works for all 20 people, so I am setting this date and time in stone as when the draft will be held. Please contact me only if this time works for you.

Draft Style: Auction

Salaries/Salary Cap: Each team will have a salary cap of $500 in the first year. This $500 will be what will be available to you to spend in the auction draft. At the end of the first year each player's salary will increase by 10%, with all fractions being rounded up. So $1becomes $2 and $42 becomes $47. Each season the salary cap will increase by $20.

Keepers: Each team is allowed to keep as many players as they want to that fit under the cap for the next season. This will result in each team having to drop some players after the 10% increase in salary, and therefore getting to participate in each draft. Players selected in the MLB June entry draft and international players who sign after the date of our draft will enter the league in the next seasons auction draft.

Roster Size/Composition: Each team will have a 40 player roster. 18 of these players will be active (C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, CI, MI, OF, OF, OF, U, SP, SP, SP, SP, SP, RP, RP) and the other 22 will be reserves. Your reserve players can be both big leaguer and minor leaguers, exclusively big leaguers, or exclusively minor leaguers. Your reserve players are completely up to you. There will also 2 injured reserve spots. When a player is on injured reserve they still count towards your salary cap but you will be able to add an additional player.

Scoring: Scoring will be a head-to-head, points based system as follows:


1B: 1 pt

2B: 2 pt

3B: 3 pt

HR: 4 pt

RBI: 1 pt

Run: 1 pt

SB: 2 pt

CS: -0.5 pt

K: -0.25 pt

BB: 1 pt

HBP: 1 pt

IBB: 0.5 pt

Ground into Double Play: -0.5


K: 1 pt

IP: 2 pt

BB: -0.5 pt

ER: -1 pt

Hits Against: -0.25 pt

Hit Batsman: -0.5 pt

Win: 7 pt

Loss: -3 pt

Save: 5 pt

Hold: 2 pt

QS: 2 pt

SO: 5 pt

No Hitter: 15 pt

Perfect Game: 25 pt

Playoffs: 4 division winners and 4 wild card teams get in each year. The division winners will be seeded 1-4, and the wild card teams will be seed 5-8, seeded by records in both cases.

Playoff Matchups:

-1st round: 1v8,2v7,3v6,4v5

-2nd round: Reseed, highest vs. lowest

-3rd round: Remaining 2 teams

Payouts for Winners:

-20 teams x $50 = $1000

-Division Winners: $40 each = $160

-Round 1 Losers: $30 each = $120

-Round 2 Losers: $60 each = $120

-Runner up: $150

-Champ: $300

Looking for active owners only. If interested email me at

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