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BRAND NEW H2H Points Dynasty League. Contracts, Minor leagues system.

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Rules for Bills Dynasty Baseball League

Looking for owners who are in it for the long haul! I want this to be very active all year long and I want owners who will really care about this league. Integrity and competitiveness are the two most important traits I want my owners to have. Lets have some fun!

Post your email or email me for an invite

Please email me( for any further explanation or clarification on any rules.

Auction Draft is 3/29

***Every owner must pick an MLB team as their team name. Reason for this is described below.***

There are 4 divisions with 4 teams per division. I will manually set the schedule so each team will play ten division games and 12 non division games. So each team will play 1 division team four times, the other 2 three times, and one time against every other team.

Players are up for extension after the 1st year of their deal.

Contracts can only be extended once, so once their contract is up they will be available for drafting.

All extensions wil be done manually by me sometime after the season is over.

Exact dates will be discussed towards the end of the season for all important off-season items.

PLAYERS ON AN EXTENDED CONTRACT CAN NOT BE RELEASED FOR ANY REASON FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE ENTIRE CONTRACT. Only exception is if the player retires or is given a 162 (or longer) game suspension

Owners can extend any player after the end of the season they were signed or drafted in. However, the MAXIMUM AMOUNT OF PLAYERS ALLOWED ON A ROSTER WITH AN EXTENDED CONTRACT IS 10. After the extension period, all players that were not extended will be released and be available in the next draft.

Every team picks up to 10 minor league players from the team they choose to be and have those players automatically added to their roster. Free agency will be used to sign another 5 players for a MAX of 15 minor league players. Minor league players DO NOT have to be extended. After the season I will carry over all of your minor league players to the next season.

The first draft will be an auction draft and all following drafts will be standard rookie draft style(NOT SERPENTINE STYLE). So the team with the worst record will have the 1st pick in each round.

$105 League Entry Fee. $100 goes into prize pool and $5 goes to Fantrax Premium League fee.

Payout Structure:

1st Place - $700

2nd Place - $500

3rd Place - $250

4th Place - $150

Point setup

Single 1

Double 2

Triple 3

HR 4

Run scored 1


SB 2

SO -1

BB 1


BB -1

Hit -1

BS -3

ER -3

Loss -3

CG 4

Shutout 4

Hold 4

Save 8

Win 8

K 1

IP 3

QS 3

25 man active 18 starters 7 reserve 15 minors

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