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double auction league

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There will be two auctions and both teams will be combined to make one team which will be 50 players total on your roster similar to the NFBC draft champion leagues.

Active roster positions:

C, C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, 5 OUTFIELDERS, 1 UT, CI, MI, 9 PITCHERS (any combination or starters and relievers)

Minimum IP = 1000 IP

Your goal is to field the best team that will accumulate normal 5x5 stats categories


There will be 2 auctions, one on march 1st, NL only - the second will be March 8th AL Only

Both auctions will start at 1pm EST (negotiable) and will conclude when all teams have filled their positions.

Auction 1 SUNDAY March 1st will be a 15 team NL only league you auction to fill a team of 9 position players and 1 UT and 9 pitchers and 2 bench spots (21 players total) ($260 budget)

Auction 2 SUNDAY March 8th will be a 15 team AL only league you auction to fill a team of 9 position players and 1 UT and 9 pitchers and 2 bench spots (21 players total) ($260 budget)

NOTE For the 2 bench spots you can draft anyone in the yahoo system pitcher or hitter is fine but you are not allowed to draft anyone who is not listed in the yahoo stats provider software during the auction.

All draft results will be entered into fantrax as the stats provider for the season.

At the end of the second auction I will enter all draft results from both drafts into our site provider and we will use a serpentine draft to draft the last 8 players to fill your 50 man roster via a very slow draft commencing on march 10th at 800am, this slow draft will be 8 rounds and will have a 7 hour timer per pick.

The entry fee for this league will be $125 all entry fees and payouts will be via league safe

First place - $1000, Second - $500, Third - $375 (TOTAL $1875 all money paid in will be paid out in winnings.)

Both auctions will be using yahoo as the auction provider but once the online auction is completed there is no reason to continue to monitor yahoo as that is only being used to auction the players.

Waiver wire free agents (and be aware there wont be many free agents available worth much as everyone will have drafted 750 players so its a pretty deep league)

There will be ONE chance to pick up ONE free agent each month. On the first day of the month (or the first Sunday of the month whichever fantrax will allow) you will be allowed to pick up one player per month on a FAAB budget. $1 or greater bids required to add a player (0 bids not allowed) total FAAB for the season will be $100 imaginary money

If you are interested in joining this league please send me an email and I will send you an invite to the leaguesafe home. Once you have paid entry fee I will add you to the three leagues (fantrax, and 2 yahoo leagues)

I am an established commissioner who has run nearly a dozen leaguesafe fantrax NFBC style leagues over the years and I anticipate this league filling relatively quickly so please hit me up quickly if you want in. I always allocate payouts within a couple days after the season ends and leaguesafe payouts are pretty quick.


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