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Looking for 1 new owner for 12 team CONTRACT H2H keeper league on CBS

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My Contract keeper fantasy baseball league has 1 spots open. Our league has a long history with many owners going as far back as 10 years in our brother normal keeper league. We have many loyal dedicated owners and looking for 1 more. The owner that left had no issues or fight with the league and had been in the league from the start however he wanted a daily league and we are a weekly league so he decided to move on.

The buy in is $100 dollars and 100% is paid out minus the fee to CBS for the league.

Some Rules

The winners will be decided by best winning percentage after nineteen regular season weeks of weekly head-to-head match-ups. Each week, the teams with the best winning percentage in the 8 x 8 categories get one win or one loss. Match-ups that end in a tie will be decided by the best slugging percent.

We use a base auction figure for each team of $260 per season.
The six teams that miss the playoffs will receive an extra $30 for use in the Auction Draft.
This is designed to keep the teams are fairly balanced, talent-wise, entering each season.
Each owner will be allowed to buy contracts for a set number of keepers if he chooses.

Each team will be allowed a maximum of:

1 Franchise Player - $30
4 Three Year Contract Players - $20 each
2 Two Year Contract Players - $10 each
2 Rookie Keeper Players - $10 each
5 prospect keeper players - Free

The first year of each contract is the year the player is acquired through the Auction Draft, or on the waiver wire.

For example: If an owner chooses to keep a full complement of keepers, that would equal $160 of the $260, leaving him with $100 for the next season's auction draft to fill out the remaining top 11 active roster spots.
Before the Auction we have a 5 round offline only prospect draft

Another weekend the Auction is scheduled.
An eight round supplemental draft (no auction) will follow the Auction Draft to fill out the reserve roster spots.
Any players not awarded contracts, will be returned to the player pool for the Auction Draft the next season.

We have found the league to be extremely fun and competitive over the year. We are looking for an owner that will remain in it for the long term and is hardcore about fantasy baseball

If your interested email me at or post below. I will let you take a look at the team available and you can look at the rules in more detail on website. First come first serve basis.

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