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2 openings CBS keeper league- 20 teams

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We have 2 open teams as we enter our 17th season in our 20 team CBS keeper league.

Teams available:

1- Mike Minor, Hyun-Jin Ryu, Mike Fiers, Wily Peralta, Jeff Locke

2- Marcus Stroman, Andrew Cashner, Cody Allen, Shane Greene, Wei-Yin Chen

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments please e-mail me at

Here is our constitution listed below:

Year 17

Welcome to all team owners to what should be a fun and exciting baseball season. Here is a copy of the general rules and regulations for this season. Any new rules are in bold but I encourage you to read all of them because some other rules have been altered or deleted.
The entry fee for this season is $100 per franchise. The 1st $50 deposit to reserve your team and your 5 saves are due by Monday, March 2. If you miss this deadline I will move on to the first person waiting in line to get in. The remainder of your entry fee is due at the draft to guarantee your entry. Each deposit is non-refundable.

The draft will take place Sunday march 29 @6:15PM online.

1st place- $600 2nd place- $300 3rd place- $150 4th place- $150
5th place- $75 6th place- $75 7th place- $75
$3 prize per week for top point getter
$3 penalty per week for lowest point getter
The transaction pot will be divided amongst the winner of each category listed under top players at the conclusion of our regular season. The maximum transaction prize is $100. Any excess money in the transaction pot or prize money lost to fines will be donated to the Sarnia Sting college fund. . .

League Structure:
There will be 20 teams split into 4 divisions. The division placements are determined by the previous years final standings:
Parrish- 1st, 5th, 9th, 13th, 17th
Trammell- 2nd, 6th, 10th, 14th, 18th
Whitaker- 3rd,7th,11th, 15th, 19th
Gibson- 4th, 8th, 12th, 16th, 20th
If I need to replace a team because they fail to meet a $$ deadline or they are unable to attend the draft an expansion team will take their division slot.
Teams will play a 22 game schedule, covering the first 22 weeks of the baseball season, consisting of 8 games against everyone in your division and 14 non-division games. This is a head-to-head pool where your team matches up against another team over a one week period (Mon-Sun). The 4 division winners and 3 wild card teams with the next best record will make the playoffs. In the playoffs , the division winner with the best record will receive a first round bye into the semi-finals, guaranteeing them some money. The teams will be re-seeded in the playoffs so the highest ranking team will always play the lowest ranking team. Regardless of record, the division winners will be seeded ahead of the wildcard teams. In each playoff series the highest ranking team will receive a 10 point bonus representing home field advantage.

1. Each team will have a roster consisting of 20 players:
16 starters:
1 catcher 1 1st baseman 1 2nd baseman 1 shortstop 1 3rd baseman 1 designated hitter 3 outfielders
5 starting pitchers 2 relief pitchers
4 bench players (any position)
2. You will be allowed to save 5 players off your roster for next season, except for your first round pick.
3. For a player to be eligible at a position (except DH- any offensive player can start at DH) he must have played a minimum of 10 games there. To determine position eligibility, the previous year`s games played at that position and the current year`s games played at the position are used. Note: Only a player`s major league games played will be used unless they have not played 10 games at a position yet. If they have yet to play 10 games at a position we will go by what the site list them as.
4. Each team will be allowed to have 10 players on an injured reserve and 10 players on a minors list when they are hurt, unsigned or are in the minors . There will be a charge of 1$ to place your player on this list and reserve his rights. The player you place on this list must be legitimately injured(my call) or not on the major league roster. As soon as that player returns you must activate him at the start of our next week or you will lose a player from your roster. Any player that is holding out at the START of the season is also eligible for this list until he signs.

Walk and HBP: 1 point
Single: 1 point
Double: 2 points
Triple: 3 points
Home Run: 4 points
RBI: 1 point
Run scored: 1 point
Stolen Base: 3 points
Caught Stealing: -1 point
Grand Slam: 5 point bonus + regular points for all other categories affected
Error: -3 points
Wins: 5 points
Strikeouts: 2 points
Complete game: 10 points
Shutout: 10 points
No hitter: 20 points
Perfect game: 25 points + points for the no-hitter
Saves: 10 points
Blown saves: -5 points
Holds: 5 points
Innings Pitched: 2 points
Walks: -1 point
Hits: -1 point
Earned Run: -1 point
Quality Start: 5 point bonus

5. Each player transaction will cost each owner 1$. .
6. Regarding the non-paying of transaction bills: Your team will not be allowed to make any more transactions once you reach (-5$). You will also have a $10 fine deducted from any prize money you win that will go into next season`s transaction pot. As well as punishing the delinquent owners this is meant as support for you owners out there that leave money in your account.
7. All roster moves and changes to your lineup must be submitted by the starting time of the 1st game on Monday.
8. Players that are dropped will go through a 24 hour waiver period and will be picked up based on your waiver ranking. All pickups will go through a waiver process except those on the day your lineup is due-- you will be allowed to pick up a player 1st come first serve by notifying me.
9. Before you complete a trade with another team, please check to make sure that none of the players involved in the trade are injured. It doesn`t matter if there is malicious intent or not, if there is an injured player involved in a trade, and one of the owners involved informs me that they were not aware of the injury the trade will not be approved unless the team receiving the injured player informs me that they are aware of the injury and that the trade is fine with them.
10. Regarding the trading of draft picks: If you receive a draft pick from someone and they don`t rejoin the pool, you will still receive the draft pick receive the draft pick after the non-playoff and expansion teams and before the playoff teams of the round that the pick was for .
11. There is also a concern that someone will trade a bunch of draft picks for next year to win money this year and then not take part in next year`s pool because they lost some of their picks. If you trade a draft pick away for next year and you win some money, I will keep 50$ of your prize and put it towards next year`s entry fee. If that team does not come back for the following year then the money will go into the transaction pot. I don`t want to discourage people from trading their draft picks for next year because if everybody comes back next year then with all the traded picks the draft will be fun and trading picks will be a chance for the underachievers from this year to improve next year
12. No team will be allowed to trade draft picks in any more than 2 consecutive rounds. For example- if you have already traded YOUR 3rd and 4th round picks away you will not be allowed to trade YOUR 2nd or your 5th round pick away. This rule is in effect as more protection against teams trading away all of their picks away and then not returning to the pool the following year.
13. To eliminate the hording of draft picks, no team will be allowed to have more than 2 per round.
14. No team will be allowed to stack their team with any more than 2 players that are drafted in the 1st round.
15. When you do make a trade, do your homework. We had a situation where one team traded a player that was a first round pick of another team. The team that received that player claimed to not know that the player was a 1st round pick and wanted me to overrule this trade. I will only overturn a trade if A) the trade is lopsided B) one team deliberately deceives another C) a trade is made that will hurt the future prosperity of the league. Keep in mind that the standards are raised for trades made later in the season and at the beginning of the season I will let just about everything go. Also, watch that you are able to deal the draft picks that you agreed to in the deal. If you make a deal and one of the teams involved can not give up or accept a draft pick, I will adjust the draft pick or picks involved to the next available pick or picks.
16. When you report a trade you better make sure it is accurate. If there are any discrepancies between the two teams involved, there will be a penalty or penalties assessed to who I determine is the guilty party, whether there is any malicious intent or not.
17. If I turn down a trade both parties are still committed to give up the players and/or draft picks involved. The team that I designate as receiving the most in the trade will then have to negotiate with me in order to get the trade passed.
18. Regarding `Future considerations` A trade like you give me player A now for a 4th round pick and I`ll give you player B at the end of the year for player C and a draft pick. The 2nd part of the trade must be approved by me either on it`s own or in the trade as a whole. Keep in mind that any players involved in any trade that occurs after the deadline and/or between seasons, must be saved. If you have traded away someone as "future considerations", they must remain on your roster all season UNLESS you trade them to the team that owns their rights. Dropping someone you have traded in this manner will be subject to a fine.
19. Any player that is traded in the off-season will not be able to be re-acquired by that team for the first half of the season.
20. If you acquire a player during the season from a team that finishes with a losing record, that player can not be traded for draft picks in the off-season. This rule is in effect to deter teams from `stacking` up at the trade deadline by trading draft picks to acquire players. What I don`t want is for players they acquired to be traded in the off-season for pretty much the same draft picks they gave up to get them. Meaning they rented those players for no charge. Some people have suggested a roster freeze in the off-season but I don`t like that. Everybody seems to get excited for the upcoming season by making trades. This rule is only in effect for teams that finish with winning records. If a team makes the playoffs with a losing record that team is considered for the purposes of this rule to have finished with a winning record.
21. If you acquire a player during the season from a team that finishes with a losing record, that team that traded that player can not re-acquire anybody they gave up during the season in the off-season.
22. As commissioner, I, and I alone, withhold the right to turn down any trade for whatever reason I see fit. By this I mean if you do not agree with me, there does not have to be a vote where majority rules. The same can be said for my interpretation of the rules.
23. The TRADE DEADLINE is the start of week 17—before the 1st game. Nobody dropped after the deadline passes can be picked up BY ANY TEAM WITH A .500 RECORD OR BETTER.
Other Stuff
24. For any future years if a team drops out this is what will happen: There will be an expansion draft held shortly after the saves are given. All existing teams will be allowed to save 5 players before the expansion draft. The expansion team or teams will draft 5 players from all the non-saved players (not including first round picks) of the existing teams. All the players off of the teams that do not return will go back in the draft. This is done to replenish the players available in the first round. As far as the draft order goes, it will go like this: The remaining teams that didn`t make the playoffs will start the draft, than the expansion teams ( For both the expansion draft and the regular draft, the expansion teams will draft in the order they paid me in), followed by the playoff teams from the worst placing down to the champion.
25. Tie-breakers: If you are tied with someone for your division the tie will be broken like this: 1) total wins 2) division record 3) head-to-head records 4) total points 5) career overall record. If you are tied with someone for the wildcard the tie will be broken like this: 1) total wins 2) head-to-head record 3) total points 4) career overall record. If you are tied with someone at the conclusion of a playoff round: 1) head-to-head record 2) total points 3) career overall record
26. To determine the draft order for non-playoff teams we will have a draft lottery. By this I mean every non-playoff team will have their name thrown into a hat to determine the draft order. Every non-playoff team will have the same chance at acquiring the 1st pick. This rule is designed to to keep people interested all season long. It bothers me when a couple of teams give up on the season and stop making moves. By instituting a draft lottery I hope it will encourage teams to field a competitive team all season and play the role of the spoiler if they are out of it. I do not want to provide teams with a prize (AKA a high draft pick) for trying to lose or by not trying at all.
27. If for some reason you are over the roster limit and you don`t give me a drop by the start of the next week I will drop a player from your team in this manner: A) If there is anybody on your team that is eligible for injured reserve, I will do that so you don`t lose a player. B) If you dont have anybody who is hurt I will drop someone from your bench who i) has the fewest points ii) was your lowest draft pick or iii)was your earliest pick-up. It is your responsibility to keep your roster at the limit.
28.You are not guaranteed to keep your franchise every year just because you are first in line to join the league, you will be evaluated at the end of every season especially when we have a waiting list of people to take your place. Follow the rules, treat everybody with respect and keep your team competitive AND PAY YOUR BILLS PROMPTLY.
29. If for some reason the season is interrupted due to whatever reason this is what will occur: we will play the games as scheduled by the dates on our league schedule. Meaning that any games that take place during the time frame of our week will count as a full week regardless of how few games that actually take place. If no games take place during that week, the week is cancelled and will not be made up. In case of a week being cancelled in the playoffs the higher seeds will advance. In case of a season being cancelled after we have already started, the prize money will be awarded based on the last set of standings that we have.
30. If you make a trade that puts you under the required number of starting players needed the team that is short will be forced to pick-up the player with the most points at that position on the dropped player list. If no player at that position is on the list than the team that is short will receive a player at that position from the team they are trading with. The short team will be stripped with a draft pick of my discretion to be given to the other team that is forced to give up the player.
31. There will be a 3$ fine for starting an injured player or a player who is in the minors. There is a 1 week grace period before this is enforced.
32. There is a 3$fine for intentionally violating a rule, for example picking up a player in the minors or a player that was dropped after the trade deadline or submitting a trade with your own team etc. or just basically screwing around with the site causing me more work.
33.As per the poll, you will now be fined if you `accidently` drop a player and want him restored, under the create-more-work-for-me rule. . .
34.If you submit a trade with draft picks you can not trade or acquire you will be subject to a 3$ fine.
35.LIVE DRAFT: In order to have a live draft,as well as an online one. 9 owners must notify me by private message/e-mail that they will be attending. If anybody commits and does not show up at a live draft, you will forfeit your highest draft pick and $50 from any prize money won.
33. LOYALTY/INCENTIVE PROGRAM: I am asking for your assistance to help recruit any new owners. If I use an owner you recommend, I will move your pick INTO a lottery for the 1st 5 picks of the round of the 1st pick that you own. .

. DH

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