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NCIFB 2015 NL ONLY AUCTION LEAGUE $50 Sunday March 22th 3:00 PM ET

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I am only looking for serious active players. There is nothing worse than dead weight in a league. It brings the league down. But if you are one of the those type of players....

This will be the second year for the league. We are looking for owners that are dedicated and don't have too much on their plates with other leagues. We have a weekly activity requirement. You can lose your team and your entry fee if you dont follow our activity requirements without letting us know in advance you will be gone.

50$ entry fee with 100% payout through leaguesafe. Payout to the top 3. We are going to require people to pay before draft day. if interested....




-Daily FAAB at 11AM

-50$ entry


NCIFB 2015 NL Auction League

Draft Day: Sunday March 22th 3:00 PM ET

C/1/2/3/SS/MI/CI/OF/OF/OF/OF/OF/UTL/9P/BN/BN/BN/BN 2DL (pretty much standard ESPN settings)

1440 IP Max

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