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Mendoza Baseball - Our league has one opening.

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Quite a few years ago now, a baseball fan attic, Arne Arneolson, began a game that over time became the best likeness of MLB ownership in the fantasy baseball business. It's Mendoza Baseball There just is nothing to match this game when it comes to simulating a major league general manager's job. My partner Jesse and I are commissioners of the Kearney league in Mendoza. it needs one more owner to replace one who cashed out last year. We've been playing the game now for 5 years and we're still learning as any good general managers should. Part of our work includes finding new owners to replace those who leave. Thankfully there aren't many who do.

The game include a 40 man roster, a DL, minor leagues, and uses Bill James famous formula to calculate wins a losses. The entry fee is 80 dollars, that covers a 30 dollar entry fee. The rest, 50 dollars, helps guarantee players contracts after you draft them. The draft is a three day affair during which you bid for players using real money. Minimum bid is 25 cents which equates to 250,000.00 in a real MLB player's salary. The highest paid player in Kearney last year was Johann Santana, his contract was $34.50 a year for three years. Oh yes I forgot its a keeper league and you can draft players using a three year contract.

If you truly love baseball you should love playing the game in Mendoza. Come one over to the website, take the tour and then ask any questions you want here after you've checked us out. The draft alone is worth the entry fee so the fact that good players go home every season with a small profit is icing on the cake. The name of the team for sale is the "Burma Shaves"


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