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The ULTIMATE in Dynasty leagues needs owners.

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This league is the greatest ever created! It's a 10 team head to head league with standard scoring and a 25 man roster, has a salary cap, restricted and unrestricted free agents, a franchise player on each team, rookie draft for players who have never played in the MLB, farm team for prospects with unlimited call ups, free agent signing period first for RFA's then for UFA's, draft pick compensation for losing an RFA during this period, salaries can be eaten when making trades, anything is possible in this league. It is the most realistic league around. It's as close as you can get to running a real MLB team. Every aspect of running a franchise, next to setting ticket prices, is in here.

The old teams players and prospects will be put into a pool from which the new owners can draft their teams. This way you're not just taking over an old team, you actually can build your own team from the ground up. The player pool is vast so you will be able to compete for the championship in year one. You will be able to sign free agents and participate in the rookie draft so you will truly be able to build your OWN team. We are looking for a few above average players to join our group. We're looking for players who read player updates daily, love to make and receive trade offers, basically looking for very competitive owners who know what they're doing and LOVE fantasy baseball like we do. Hope to hear from you soon.


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Here are the available players to be drafted. The salary cap is 100 000. R contracts are restricted, U are unrestricted. Prospects have a salary of 250 and can be put on the farm to free up roster space on your active roster. As you can see their are many intriguing players available.

Player Pos TmSal -

Pujols,Albert 1B STL 7200U5

Castillo,Luis 2B NYM 4600U1

Barfield,Josh 2B CLE 250R2

Wright,David 3B NYM 250R1

Fielder,Princ 1B MIL 250R2

Morneau,Justi 1B MIN 250R1

Polanco,Placi 2B DET 250U1

Ramirez,Arami 3B CHC 4000R0

F-Beltre,Adrian 3B SEA 250U3

Reyes,Jose B. SS NYM 3250R0

Rodriguez,Iva C DET 3300U2

McCann,Brian C ATL 2900R2

F-Saltalamacchi C/1B TEX 250R3

Berkman,Lance OF/1B HOU 8550U1

Wells,Vernon OF TOR 4000R0

Willingham,Jo OF FLA 250R2

Victorino,Sha OF PHI 250U3

F-Duncan,Chris OF STL 250R3

F-Maybin,Camero OF FLA 250R3

Schilling,Cur SP BOS 9000U2

Oswalt,Roy SP HOU 7200U3

Bedard,Erik SP BAL 1500R1

Verlander,Jus SP DET 250R2

Lincecum,Tim SP SF 250R3

IR-Colon,Bartolo SP ANA 1000U2

Mussina,Mike SP NYY 6300U1

Wakefield,Tim SP BOS 250U2

Contreras,Jos SP/RP/RP CWS 1600U1

F-Maholm,Paul SP PIT 250R2

F-Petit,Yusmeir SP/RP/RP ARI 250R2

F-Sanchez,Aniba SP FLA 250R2

F-Pelfrey,Mike SP/RP/RP NYM 250R2

Putz,J.J. RP SEA 4100U2

Cordero,Chad RP WAS 250R2

Ortiz,David 1B BOS 9100U1

F-Jacobs,Mike 1B FLA 250U3

Phillips,Bran 2B CIN 250R3

Lopez,Jose 2B SEA 1000R2

Blalock,Hank 3B TEX 1100R2

Rolen,Scott 3B TOR 5050U2

F-LaRoche,Andy 3B LA 250R3

Rollins,Jimmy SS PHI 4250R0

F-Hardy,J.J. SS MIL 250R3

Posada,Jorge C NYY 4350U2

F-Molina,Yadier C STL 250R2

Abreu,Bobby OF NYY 9100U2

Swisher,Nick 1B/OF OAK 5700R2

IR-Sweeney,Mike 1B KC 4100U1

F-Overbay,Lyle 1B TOR 250U2

F-Butler,Billy 1B KC 250R3

no profanities allowed,Howi 2B ANA 250R3

Ensberg,Morga 3B SD 2500U1

F-Feliz,Pedro 3B SF 250U2

F-Betemit,Wilso 3B NYY 250U2

Renteria,Edga SS DET 250U2

Lugo,Julio SS BOS 250U2

Piazza,Mike C OAK 4300U1

Varitek,Jason C BOS 250U1

F-Clement,Jeff C SEA 250R3

Green,Shawn OF/1B NYM 250U2

Pierre,Juan OF LA 4000U1

Hawpe,Brad OF COL 2000R2

F-Cabrera,Melky OF NYY 250R3

Snider,Travis OF TOR 250R3

Penny,Brad SP LA 4000U1

Buehrle,Mark SP CWS 8750R1

Zito,Barry SP SF 7200U5

Bush,Dave SP/RP/RP MIL 2760R1

Matsuzaka,Dai SP BOS 11000.R2

Westbrook,Jak SP CLE 250U1

F-McGowan,Dusti SP TOR 250R3

Perkins,Glen SP/RP/RP MIN 250R3

IR-Ryan,B.J. RP TOR 250U1

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Gonzalez,Adri 1B SD 1000 R2

Here are some other available players

Sexson,Richie 1B SEA 1000 U2

F-LaRoche,Adam 1B PIT 250 R3

F-Votto,Joey 1B CIN 250 R3

F-Koshansky,Joe 1B COL 250 R3

Kinsler,Ian 2B TEX 2700 R2

Cantu,Jorge L 2B/1B CIN 4000 U1

Kouzmanoff,Ke 3B SD 1000 R2

Glaus,Troy 3B STL 4100 U1

F-Stewart,Ian 3B COL 250 R3

Ramirez,Hanle SS FLA 4200 R2

Martinez,Vict C/1B CLE 8250 R0

Dye,Jermaine OF CWS 7000 U2

Drew,J.D. OF BOS 3600 U1

Cuddyer,Micha OF MIN 5350 U2

Crisp,Coco OF BOS 3750 R1

F-Sweeney,Ryan OF CWS 250 R3

F-Tabata,Jose OF NYY 250 R3

F-Gomez,Carlos OF NYM 250 R3

F-Buck,Travis OF OAK 250 R3

Halladay,Roy SP TOR 3500 U5

Willis,Dontre SP DET 6750 R2

Cain,Matt SP SF 3200 R1

Bonser,Boof SP MIN 1000 R2

Davis,Doug SP ARI 1100 U2

Sabathia,C.C. SP CLE 4000 R0

Lowry,Noah SP SF 1050 S1

Miller,Adam SP CLE 1000. R2

F-Patton,Troy SP BAL 250 R3

Sowers,Jeremy SP CLE 2000 R2

F-Slowey,Kevin SP/RP MIN 250 R3

F-Sanchez,Jonat SP/RP SF 250 R3

F-Kershaw,Clayt SP LA 250 R3

F-Bard,Daniel SP BOS 250 R3

Wagner,Billy RP NYM 9700 R2

Broxton,Jonat RP LA 1000. R2

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