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New York Based Live Auction w/ Rotoworld Writer

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Okay, now that I've sucked you in, we are in need of one owner for the BL Salley Memorial (formerly BL Twin Towers) Scoresheet Auction League (for more details on what a Scoresheet league is, visit The league drafts live next to the Nassau Collesium (Uniondale, Long Island) in a Marriott Hotel conference room. You MUST be able to attend the draft, in person, on March 3rd to March 4th. We have people coming from all over (upstate, MA, PA, CT, NJ, and even NC) and most stay at the Marriot that night ( a few drive home and back ).

Details on the league are below. We would much prefer someone with Scoresheet experience, as the learning curve from roto is pretty steep. That said, we will consider anyone who would like to join. If you are new to Scoresheet, the league costs about $80 to play in, another $30 for the conference room, and has a trophy passed from year-to-year. There are no other prizes.

Please e-mail me your name, location, Scoresheet experience, other fantasy baseball experience, and confirm that you are able to attend the draft date to: (space is an underscore). I can provide more details as needed.


Nate Stephens

BL Salley Memorial is a 16 owner league that utilizes 21 of

baseball's 30 teams (we exclude the Pirates, White Sox, Tigers,

Devil Rays, Orioles, Royals, Nationals, Brewers, and Rockies to keep

the team/owner ratio more realistic). Our live draft in New York

lasts about six hours on Saturday, then another 6 or so hours on


Each owner is given $60 million (in $100,000 increments) to draft a

roster of exactly 35 players. After the draft, players are signed

to contracts, ranging from 1-4 years with appropriate salary raises

depending on their current pay range. We also have a supplemental

draft each month, the ability to cut players, a franchise tag

system, and a few other unique but simple rules that make the league

more fun. There's quite a bit more to the league, so if interested

in more details, shoot me a message and I can answer your questions

and send you a constitution.

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