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Established 4x4 AL Keeper League Needs 2 Owners

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Hello one and all. We have a very long running (10+ years) AL-only keeper league that lost two owners to new children this year. Very sad. I mean, not the kids. Kids are great. The fact they took away from fantasy ball, however -- very sad.

Anyway, if you think you could fill the shoes of these great men, we are looking! Basic info: 4x4, AL-only, keeper league. $150 buy in, top four finishers walk off with some cash. (And no, we're not a bunch of con men. i promise.) Good league, active owners, lots of trades, etc. etc. etc.

We'll have a quick email dispersal draft for the new owners so they can loot the teams of their fallen comrades , then a live online draft scheduled for March 30th (should take 6 hours or so).

Interested? Curious? Drop me a line! Thanks!



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