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Highest Upside: Alex Smith, Tyrod Taylor, or Blake Bortles ~?~ {WHIR}

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Forsett, career backup, had a nice year, new coordinator

Blount is a Pats RB

Abdullah is a rookie

Woodhead has Gordon ahead of him

Maclin plays with Alex Smith

I'll stop there, I think its more your RBs that have question marks, love Cooper Stevie and Smith

I agree with points 2 and 3.

The new coordinator is actually a plus for Forsett. Everywhere Trestman has coached his RBs have gotten a bunch of targets. He could approach 70 catches this season. We'll see what he does with them.

R.Mathews played ahead of Woodhead and he was still a RB2 in ppr settings. From the preseason it looks more like a 1-2 punch than Woodhead really being behind. Plus with Gates out Rivers should lean on a familiar target in Woodhead in the redzone like he has in the past.

Maclin plays with Smith but I don't think this is D.Bowe part two. Time will tell but they want to open up the offense a little more.

I agree on Gates . With Gronk and Bennett he is set. Pickup a RB or WR.

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