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1st YR Keeper League, looking for owner

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12 team Roto Keeper, ( OPS and Quality start inplace of avg and wins)

Most of the guys in the league are rotoworld'ans, so they're fairly active.

Our Keeper rules for end of the year:

5 MLB Players

5 milb players

2 additional Exemptions (Heres how it works: Any player that came up from the minors with under 600 At-bats/ 200 innings accumulated in the big leagues will be allowed to be kept using exemptions, therefore, not costing MLB/MILB spot)

Heres an example of the exemption: Ellsbury gets 402 at bats this year. He is eligible for the Exemption spot. Then after the next year where he gets say 400 more at bats, he has surpassed the 600 at bats mark, making him only keepable with a MLB spot.


C- J. Mauer

1B- M. Teixeira

2B- D. Uggla

3B- K. Kouzmanoff

SS- H. Ramirez

OF- M. Ramirez, A. Jones, W. Taveras

Util- J. Cust, F. Thomas

SP- E. Bedard, A. Harang, C. Billingsley, J. Weaver, M. Garza

RP- J. Putz, T. Saito, R. Betancourt

BN- M. Cameron, J. Drew

BN- N. Lowry, B. Fuentes, R. Perez

Send over a PM if interested.

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