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Trade Spiller/Hillman/A. Cooper for Marshall/Decker? WHIR

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I need to free up a spot for a kicker or drop Giants defense (Rams benched @ GB). That's the main reason for the trade, but I've stockpiled RB's in hopes to beef up my WR depth. I like Cooper, but he's depending on a young QB. I wouldn't be touching Decker unless something happened to Marshall. All my other WR's are studs.

This guy needs RB's badly. I have 6 in a league that can only start 2 max! Ultimately I want to roster 4. You can see my roster in my sig. I'd prefer to trade Foster now but I don't think in a position to do that since I'm trying to free up a spot.

Should I just do Spiller/Cooper for Marshall?

Should I wait another week and drop Giants for a kicker and just roll with the Rams @ GB?


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