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1st year 14 team Roto Auction Keeper League needs 4 more! $100 L/S ESPN

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draft will be on Monday 10-26 @ 8pm est

Leaguesafe Majority vote for payouts

Standard 8 cats (no turnovers)

Rosters have 10 starters and 5 bench spots(PG,SG,sF,PF,C,G,F,Util,Util,Util, 5bench)

Hey everyone, Keeper rules for this league are simple. Each team will be able to keep ANY 4 players from there roster the following year. It will cost u a 10% increase from what there winning bid was the year before. The lowest starting keeper price will be 10 dollars, so with the 10% increase it will be 11(so basically any player auctioned for less than $10 or a free agent pickup will cost u 11 to keep the next year). When the second number of your bid is 5 or higher(15,25 ect) then the 10% rounds up. Any player acquired thru a trade will keep the auction value that his previous owner paid for him.You can make trades up to the keeper deadline in the offseason. Free Agent pick ups freeze 3 days after the championship game. Any player dropped by you must sit thru one full free agent waiver pick up before you can re add that said player(so people don't try and get there stars at a discount next year) any player traded for during the offseason MUST be kept

You must bid a min of 1 dollar on any player during the draft.

All payments will be required to be in 15 days before the draft to prevent any last second drop outs and gives me time to fill a hole if need be. Also, if I get no response from someone when seeing if they are returning, leaves there team subject to new ownership.

Payouts are 700-400-200-100

I believe all other rules and settings are pretty well laid out in the League Settings. If you have any questions feel free to leave a post, email, or text me at any time.

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You can keep someone there whole career if you like. I need your email address or email me at

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