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Realistic European Football Fantasy League - need your help setting this up

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Good day all,

My brother and I (from The Netherlands) are running a NHL Dynasty league and a NFL Dynasty league (rotisserie/versus/weekly matchups) for around 4 seasons (major success). We setup the leagues so close to the real deal with lot of the same ways of signing players that you feel like a real GM (also created our own websites with newsfeeds and lot of statistics of players and the GMs managing the teams). We use Fantrax for all the stats and implement them all into our website.

Now Fantrax is working on 5 European football divisions (5 biggest countries) to get European fanbase for their number one sport we are also getting the butterflies of trying to make an European Football League that is close to the real deal. Now we trying to see if there is a big fanbase within the fantasy world for European Football Leagues?

If there is then we need you to see if you can help us to discuss how some rules should be set up.


Our idea is to make a 16 teams league for using all the 5 divisions at once. So the player database would be greater than normal leagues. We also discuss if it would be nice/possible if we could make two divisions in one so people can demote and promote out of the leagues. So you will get 16 teams in 1st division and 16 teams in 2nd division. We use 16 teams because that would help us set up the matchups easily. That means 30 game weeks we are using for all our matchups. No playoffs just normal football standings like we are familiar with here in Europe.

Player rosters

Our idea is to make like 25-30 player rosters. If we use one league only = 40% of all players within the database. two divisions it will be around 80%. When player gets injured or been sold out of the divisions, tough luck and you use one of the other players to substitute him.

I came with the idea that you are madatory to take a minimum of 4 players of each league so people not only select players out of one European competition. Good idea?


Idea is that we will use some kind of draft idea so last place (16th) get first pick of all free agents out of the FA pool to make their team more competitive (so they do not bleed to death).

Trades and budgets

Only tricky part is how to implement trades or signings of players. And we need your help on this issue. Should we create like transfer budgets and salary budgets? How will it work?

Will your revenue increase in the years by % equally or how higher your standing how higher your % (not really parity which we always strive for)?

Trading not allowed/Trading only in few periods for transfer amounts?


What kind of formation should we handle? 4-3-3 standard locked? Or more options like 4-4-2 and more?

Stats for matchups

We always using positive stats for our rotisserie leagues. Which stats should we mainly use (like goals/assist/sog/clean sheets)? I would say like 3x goalkeeper stats, 4x defensive stats, 4x offensive stats and 3 special team stats?

Some questions that we are struggling with and need you to see if we can make this happen and make it a success. Maybe some other questions we are having but can always add those.

Thanks in advance and a good day.


You can also e-mail me your ideas at:

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