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CBS 5X5 Live Auction $260 Cap $$$ League in New Jersey, Looking for Owners

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Looking for a few new owners for a mixed 5X5 LIVE AUCTION keeper league. Here is a brief summary of the league rules:

- On CBS ($163 fee for league)

- $260 cap (14 hitters, 9 pitchers)........separate snake draft for 6 bench slots

- $200 floor & $310 in-season cap

- $125 FAAB

- Top 4 cash ($900, $450, $275, $125), but 7th-12th place will compete for a $50 prize for most improved from August 1st-end of season

- Typical categories except that saves is replaced by saves + holds

- 5th & 6th place get a reduction in keeper price for one keeper for the following season

- Free agent pickups on Wednesdays & Sundays ($1-$5 winning bid equates to $5 against salary cap if player is in active lineup, $6-$19 equates to that price for player's salary against cap if player is in active lineup, $20 & up equates to $20 against cap if player is in active lineup)

- 3 or 4 keepers to be kept from year to year, currently at 3 but vote for 4 is probable.

- Draft date is April 3rd

This is the main portion of rules, those interested can contact me at and/or my friend Paul at Thanks.

- Keith

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We've got one open spot remaining. Here are list of keepers to choose from (can choose up to 3 for now, but likely to increase to 4 for this season). Email me at for any questions. Payment options are through Leaguesafe and/or Paypal.

Y. Grandal $9 D. Norris $6 J. Votto $20 L. Valbuena $5 T. Plouffe $5 D.J. LeMahieu $5 M. Moreland $5 S. Marte $28 M. Kemp $21 C. Blackmon $15 J. Reddick $5 D. Ortiz $11 T. Tulowitzki $32 K. Morales $5 T. Ross $9 Z. Britton $10 S. Strasburg $31 H. Iwakuma $22 K. Hendricks $5 D. Salazar $7 E. Ramirez $5 J. Hammel $5 A. Cashner $11

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