Yadier Alvarez - SP LAD

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Anyone have any info on him for this upcoming year? Couldn't find much out there on him.

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Share on other sites has him ranked as the #1 international prospect. Signed for 16,000 million dollars at 19 this July.

They graded his fastball at 70.

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He has a ton of upside, don't think we see him this year.

per baseball prospectus

6. Yadier Alvarez, RHP
DOB: 03/07/1996
Height/Weight: 6’3” 175 lbs.
Bats/Throws: R/R
Drafted/Acquired: Signed July 2015 out of Cuba for $16 million
Previous Ranking(s): N/R
2015 Stats: Did Not Play
Future Tools: 70 fastball, 55 slider
Role: 50+—Mid-rotation starter/high-leverage reliever

Ranking Alvarez is nearly impossible. This is either four spots too low or several spots too high. You won’t see many with more arm strength, and despite his rail-thin physique he can hump his fastball up to 98 mph while sitting 92-94. There’s oodles of projection left, so the sky’s the limit as to what his fastball ends up. His slider is woefully inconsistent, but it flashes plus with late bite in the mid-80s. The change is another average offering, with just enough arm speed to trick hitters who sit on the heater.

But even with almost zero track record, Alvarez has established some wild habits. He loses his delivery often, and getting ahead in the count or hitting his spots is just not realistic right now. As someone who won’t turn 20 until around the All-Star break, there’s plenty of time for him to develop that feel, but it also makes him the most volatile prospect in this entire system—and that’s saying something.

Bret Sayre’s Fantasy Take: Alvarez is your prototypical pre-full season arm strength bet in dynasty leagues. If it works, he could push SP1 value in time, though it’s likely in the SP2 range, with big strikeout numbers and pretty good ratios. If it doesn’t, he might be Carlos Marmol without the saves, and that is a frightening thought. He is not for the faint of heart.

Major League ETA: 2018

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Good info thanks! I remember hearing about the signing last year then haven't heard much about him. He isn't in CBS DB either which I thought was weird since he is signed.

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Longenhagen saw him pitch the other day live:

Alvarez was electric. After opening his start with a few fringe fastballs, he began to loosen up and was sitting 92-97 before long. He has been up to 100 this spring, which is especially notable given that there were rumors over the offseason that his velocity had been down. Mixed in along with the fastball was an 82-86 mph slider with late, two-plane bite. It flashed plus, but the line between that pitch and his 76-82 mph curveball was sometimes blurry. The curveball is a bit more vertically oriented than the slider and Alvarez decelerates his arm a bit to throw it, but it flashed average and it should solidify there once he becomes more comfortable with its release.

Alvarez runs the slider away from righties and can throw the curveball for strikes or bury it in the dirt for swings and misses. Fairly consistent, intentional usage of these pitches like this is impressive for a 20-year-old. The changeup is behind, currently a 30 on the 20-80 scale — again, with noticeable arm deceleration. He has very little feel for it right now but at age 20 with this kind of athleticism and arm action, liberal developmental expectations are justifiable.

His delivery is loose and effortless, among the most casual and natural I’ve ever seen, especially considering how hard he’s throwing. This sort of mechanical ease allows for control projection, and control is likely going to be the most influential variable impacting Alvarez’s future. I’m bullish because I like athletes and Alvarez most certainly is one.

I think there’s #2 starter ceiling here, with the chance for a 70 future fastball, 60 slider, 50 curveball, 45 changeup and 50+ control/command. Given how risky pitchers are, let alone ones as young as Alvarez, his Future Value grade is watered down a bit below his 70 ceiling. I think he’s among the top pitching prospects in baseball, a tier beneath Lucas Giolito, Julio Urias and Shohei Otani.

Grades (Present/Future)
Fastball: 60/70
Slider: 50/60
Curveball: 45/50
Changeup: 30/45
Control/Command: 35/50
FV: 60

And he filmed some tape:

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Even next is extremely optimistic. Likely not even in AA at that point. He's playing rookie league ball and is essentially as far away as a guy can be. 

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3 starts in, and it's clear that he's far ahead of the competition he's playing


13.1 IP

4 H

5 BB


0 R


Would like to see him bump up a level, maybe to Ogden....

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And, he was promoted to the Midwest League (i can't believe i missed it).  Jumped over the Pioneer League.


And his debut?



1 R


1 BB

10 K


I'd say that's a damn impressive start.

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Man, it's desolate in this thread.  Let's try to get some inspiration back on the hype train.  It's hard leading this charge/Hoskins and Diaz alone.


Last night


5 IP

0 H

0 R

3 BB

8 K


Since being promoted to Midwest League


26.2 IP

19 H

7 BB

42 K




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6 hours ago, Tryptamine said:

My favorite LAD pitching prospect, yes that includes both Urias and De Leon.


Yadier Alvarez is a great pitching prospect but he's nowhere near the level of a Urias in my eyes.  Chris Paddack before his injury too was looking more dominant.  But still one of the top pitching prospects out there.

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Here is the summary of a recent scouting report I wrote:



Yadier Alvarez is a 6'3", 175 lb, 20-year-old out of Matanzas, Cuba.  He was signed by the Los Angeles Dodgers as an international free agent on July 2, 2015. His fastball sits around 93-98 and tops out at 99-100. His slider is plus, but his curveball and changeup are well below average. Alvarez's mechanics need to be cleaned up and he has some red flags regarding injury potential. When fully matured he could be a number 2 starter, with a fall back option of a high leverage bullpen arm.

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