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Yahoo. H2H. 7x7. Snake. Redraft. 5 spots left. $50. Leaguesafe.

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Hit me up at

Draft is April 1, 2016 at 9:30 CST, but can be modified if needed.

12 team league. 50 per team leaguesafe


1st - $ 300
2nd - $ 200
3rd - $ 100

We may change these payouts as the season gets closer.

-Please review all the league rules and details
-Please make your inputs prior to the season
-Rules can be voted on and changed prior to season
-$50 Bucks per team, you must pay through league safe before the draft or you will be replaced.
-once we get all 12 teams we will send out league safe invites to pay.

Format: 7x7
Pitching: ks, era, whip,, qs, wins, s/h
Hitting: runs, rbis, hr, ks, sb, obp, avg,

-This year the league will vote on trades
-There will be a two day wait period for the league to vote on trades.
-1/3of league votes no's a trade will be veto'd.
-Unfair trades can and will get over ruled by our commish.
-Earliest trade deadline will be used to avoid mass selling of bad teams.

-Faab bugdet: $1000 per team
-Free Agents still free and you can pick up to 6 per week.

Draft order
-at random hour before the draft.
-Snake draft

-6 teams make playoffs
-1 week each round

This note may get modified or added to as the season gets closer.

Email me at if u want in.

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