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Yahoo Auction Dynasty Keeper League

we have 10 returning managers from last year

we are ready to expand to 20 teams

looking for up to 10 players who have @ least 5 yrs experience playing fantasy baseball

with a few auction drafts done prior to playing this league.

7 x 7 format

Runs-Home Runs-RBI-Walks-Stolen Bases-Total Base-Avg

Innings Pitched-Wins-Strikeout-Holds-Saves-WHIP-ERA


SP X2 RP X4 P X3


DL X 2




-The Rules- ***note*** these "rules" are subject to be changed before the draft*

each team will have 300 to auction draft

in the 1st year you will draft 25 players with a total of 7 bench spots

Keeper Rules

each team is worth 300$

each team can spend up to 150$ to lock players in contracts

inflation applies after 1st year draft, unless contract says otherwise

any player who is unsigned before draft day is added to draft pool

any player who is traded or dropped will be added to draft pool for next season***

**** all exceptions listed below *****

Contract types

franchise contract- each team gets 1 of these contracts

u would use this contract to lock any player with paying inflation

rookie contract-each team gets 1 rookie contract. these contracts allow 1 player who has any major league xp and up to 2 yrs xp a contract without paying inflation this means that next year, any guy on ur team that has 1-2 yrs of major league stats before draft can use the rookie contract and u will not have to pay the increase. If u had drafted some kid who didnt come up and has not come up, u would not use this contract, u would instead use minor league contract, read below.

contract each team has unlimited contracts as long as they do not spend more than $150 in total for all contracts

minor contract- each team get 2 minor league contracts, these contracts allow a team to hold any minor league player forever without inflation, until they reach majors.

Trade Exception- each team gets 1 of these contracts too

this contract is used only on a contract.

when u trade a player that u have a contract with, and have added "trade exception"

this trade allows the other team to sign that player to a contract for next season

normally any player that is dropped or traded will be drafted next year


after our 1st season is over, and its "offseason"

you will offer contracts to your players

each team has 1 franchise, 1 rookie, 2 minor league contracts and unlimited contracts as long as they do not exceed 150$ limit

to sign a player to a basic normal contract

0-9$ paid, increases contract 3$

10-19$ paid, increases contract 4$

20-29$ paid, increase contract 5$

once 30$+ is reached, inflation stops.


This is a very basic guild to our draft. A second guild will follow, the second guide will give u my base idea on keeper settings and a basic guide on how to approach your draft.

Draft guide

Everyone will have 300$

when its your turn to pick, either u can:

1- pick a player u actually want early to plan ur money accordingly

2- pick a player that you do not want so players spend money faster

3- pick players u think u can get for just a few dollars

4- pick only one slot ( like catcher) once u have gotten the player u wanted to force a run on a certain position

make sure u remember to keep ur team sorta balanced. last year i spent under 50$ on pitching staff. my hitters were 20% better than any1 else, but i didnt win it all. Hilson team won because his had enough balance thu the whole season and thru playoffs

do not over spend, its gonna be to spend really really early, do not do this, make a budget

a basic budget is 135 on hitters 135 on pitchers and 30 for just in case funds

as the draft goes on having a little extra money will help win key players

make sure u review the dynasty guide

Dynasty draft guide

all the intell above applies

a few added thoughts

vets will not carry as much worth because they will carry less worth over all

young players will probably go for more money for same reason

because of the inflation rate make sure u remember

a 1$ guy u draft this year will cost 4$ next year, a 9$ guy is 13 yr 2and cost u 17 yr 3 and 21 yr 4 and 26 yr 5

and finally 31 yr 6+++

inflation stops when 30 or beyond is reached

each team gets contracts in offseason before draft

you will receive franchise x1, rookie x1, minors x2, and unlimited regular contracts ( inflation applies)

because the franchise, rookie, and minor x2 contracts do not apply inflation, draft with this in mind, u will want a player, u pay x dollars for that is gonna net a lot of points, and make sure u use ur franchise or possible rookie contract on that player, and also do same for rookie contract, also consider 1-2 great prospects u can get for 1-3 dollars that u can look down inflation free for a few seasons

lastly your trade exception contract is an important trade piece, worth possible more than the player ur trading because it allows the other player to offer a contract after the season is over before the draft begins the next season.

any player u trade that doesnt have a trade exception will be added to draft pool.

any player dropped will also be added to draft pool even if u drafted the player.

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---side note

i would take a 10- man league where everyone in that league knew everyone else

if this league had auction experience

and understand and like the dynasty rules

i basically open to add groups who already have leagues with 3-5 friends in them because i know the 10 managers in my league and can phone them we like to be able to communicate and offer trades and talk s--- ect ;D

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----i still have room in this league for 3-5 players

im sure it will fill before sunday march 20th noon draft contact me if interested.

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this is link

only join if u love baseball

want to ply in a serious league

are willing to voice commissioner but its not my league its everyone's, and are open to test new ideas out

if u have auction draft xp

if u have 5 + yrs xp

if u want to try a more franchise mode style of fantasy baseball

do not join if u cant make the draft. missing will almost certainly make it impossible in yr 1 to make playoffs

email me if u have any questions

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a few spots open still hurry before i open league to yahoo randoms

draft is tomarrow sunday 20th @ 12 noon est

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18 spots are taken we need 2 more guys sign up draft sunday 20th @ 12 noon est

7x7 auction draft 20 teams h2h keeper

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