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Looking for $20-$30 Standard H2H League

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Looking for a really competitive and active league. I might go above $30. Email me the details or post here.

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Win $900 in this non luck league...roto 10x10 live auction league so everyone has a fair shot at anyone. No luck of the hot week in those h2h leagues and watching scrubs beat u with ONE hot week and or active teams playing inactive teams and getting FREE points. overall points of roto wins it

2 starting - catchers-LOTS of teams use more than one catcher plus there are actually outfielders who are listed at catcher

Catcher ©: 2

First Base (1B): 1

Second Base (2B): 1

Third Base (3B): 1

Shortstop (SS): 1

Infielder (IF): 1

Outfield (OF): 4

All Batters (Util): 2

All Pitchers (P): 7

$260 to bid with

total teams are 20

20 team league, that's 11 batters per team, times 20 teams is 220 players.

The MLB has 30 teams times 9 positions each, that's 270 players.

So ROUGHLY 50 players will be left over, EVERYDAY WAIVERS so your bid money matters.

50 max moves per year.

$60 pay in, paypal preferred - winner gets $900, 2nd $200, 3rd $100.

I have the bid time set to 10 seconds which is the FASTEST u can.


The stats included are:






Runs Batted In


Ground Into Double Play

Total Bases

Batting Average

On-base Percentage

Net Stolen Bases

Stolen Base Percentage


Innings Pitched


Complete Games


Earned Runs


(Walks + Hits)/ Innings Pitched

Save Percentage

Quality Starts

Saves + Holds

This is a NON luck, skilled based league. I know most leagues have a design that requires more LUCK.

Head to head is LUCK, anybody can have a hottt week.

In my leagues teams dont benefit from luck and sitting online all day long. TOTAL roto points makes it so you dont win with LUCK due to ONE lucky week. Any scrub player can have ONE lucky week lol.

LOTSSS of players drafted means u win at the draft and people who dont have jobs and can pickup players all day long, wont benefit like they would in other leagues from that.

u dont have to spend ALL season for 162 games picking up players

My leagues are the BEST leagues u will ever play in.

This draft is for Mon Mar 28 4:30pm EDT

If this is too much for you, I also have a $15 league ask about. craig, hit me up. Let's rock this!

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