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------- Auction Keeper ----- only serious players need 3-4, just created league---join quick

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sunday 4/3 12 noon est

Yahoo Auction Dynasty Keeper League

7 x 7 format

Runs-Home Runs-RBI-Walks-Stolen Bases-Total Base-Avg

Innings Pitched-Wins-Strikeout-Holds-Saves-WHIP-ERA


SP X2 RP X4 P X3


DL X 2



-The Rules- ***note*** these "rules" are subject to be changed before the draft*

each team will have 300 to auction draft

in the 1st year you will draft 25 players with a total of 7 bench spots

Keeper Rules

each team is worth 300$

each team can spend up to 150$ to lock players in contracts

inflation applies after 1st year draft, unless contract says otherwise

any player who is unsigned before draft day is added to draft pool

any player who is traded or dropped will be added to draft pool for next season***

**** all exceptions listed below *****

Contract types

franchise contract- each team gets 1 of these contracts

u would use this contract to lock any player with paying inflation

can only use one of these contracts to lock 1 player, that player cannot be chosen the next year.

rookie contract-each team gets 1 rookie contract. these contracts allow 1 player who has any major league xp and up to 2 yrs xp a contract without paying inflation this means that next year, any guy on ur team that has 1-2 yrs of major league stats before draft can use the rookie contract and u will not have to pay the increase. If u had drafted some kid who didnt come up and has not come up, u would not use this contract, u would instead use minor league contract, read below.

basic contract each team has unlimited contracts as long as they do not spend more than $150 in total for all contracts

minor contract- each team get 2 minor league contracts, these contracts allow a team to hold any minor league player forever withoutinflation, until they reach majors. ( any player who hasnt hit 30 IP/ 100 ab in mlb xp)

Trade Exception- each team gets 1

1 player can be tagged for a trade exception per owner

this tag allows the player that has be "targeted" to be considered keepable

normally a player who gets traded cant be "kept" and will enter the draft pool automatically

each owner has the ability to trade any 1 asset to another owner and grant them the ability to keep that player

any player who has been traded with the use of a trade exception cannot use a minor, rookie, or franchise contact by the new owner, the only valid contract would be a basic contract, subject to inflation.


after our 1st season is over, and its "off-season"

you will offer contracts to your players

each team has 1 franchise, 1 rookie, 2 minor league contracts and unlimited contracts as long as they do not exceed 150$ limit

to sign a player to a basic normal contract

0-9$ paid, increases contract 4$

10-19$ paid, increases contract 6$

20-29$ paid, increase contract 8$

30-39$ paid, increase contract 10$

once 40$ is reached, inflation ends

Basic Draft Guide

all teams have 300 to spend

all teams next year have up to 150 to spend keeping players

any player drafted and kept thru the entire season can be kept

any player traded with a trade exception can also be kept

Basic contract guide

each player is subjected to inflation

each team has 1 franchise, 1 rookie, and 2 minor contracts

these contracts can be used to avoid paying inflation

any player can be tagged with a franchise contract

no player can be tagged with a franchise contract 2 years in a row

any player who has 2 years of major league xp

a year of major league xp is considered 30 ip/100 ab

if a guy has for example 4 years of major league xp, if those stats are under 30 ip or 100 ab u can use a minor contract on that player

if a guy has 30ip-60ip/100-200ab, a rookie contract can be used

any guy with more than 30ip/100 ab in a year, with 2 years of stats over 20ip/100ab a rookie contract can be used.

example, some guy comes up and gets 250 ab, and u draft him, and that season he gets 600ab, the 2nd year draft, u could use a rookie contract to avoid inflation, even though he has 850 abs.

example some kid has 7 years oof major league xp but for some reason the total of all those years hit a total of 200 abs, a rookie contract could still be used

the same thing goes is some pitcher has 15 years of mlb xp but only played 1 inning first year and 2 ip every year for the 14 years or so

u could still hold him to a minor league contract because he didnt hit the 30 ip mark

once u choose ur kept players, charged them with inflation, then the rest of ur team will go into a draft pool

the 2nd year draft will be almost all players coming up, alot of vets, players who didnt reach the worth of what was paid the previous year, any player dropped, any player traded without the trade exception tag, and any player that was unavailable for draft day, and any player whose owner doesnt offer a contract for, also any player who wasnt drafted year 1, all players in waviers

basic draft thoughts

300 is what i will have to spend this year on this draft.

i know i can spend up to 150 to keep players on my team before we draft year 2

i also want to make sure i get to spend 100-120 on players, in this years draft, to keep

i will make sure that i try to get favorable prices on talented players with the idea that i will lock them into a contract the following year

i also understand that year 2 draft will not as many talented players, especially in key positions, the players will sell for much higher than normal because of the limited pool of very top talents that will reach the year 2 draft

i will try not to overspend on pitchers, its hard to guess how well they will pitch, only a few are truely worth the spend.

if i try to draft a minor league player, this year, this player needs to play this year, because i do not have a deep bench, and will not like losing a whole bench slot for a whole year, to save money next year, however the benefit is clearly there

players with multiple positions are valuable, expect those players to sell a little higher this year, but remember, players will earn and lose positions and what worth the spend today maybe not worthit it by years end

try to draft balance, its hard to really replace talent if something horrible goes down

players here are serious, if 19 out of 20 show to draft u know that talents sparse.


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rules seem difficult but they are not join today ;D

my email is

i have another league with same settings set with lower inflation

i really need this league as well to test out inflation and keeper %

the strength of the year 2 drafts, ect

im in process of making a new web page tool for fantasy sports and any real hardcore players i want ur data help out and play!!

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we r doing a free league

we need date to get "inflation scores"

to be correct for 20-team formats

we also are in process to start a fantasy baseball reference site where a group could run run 30-man-mlb franchise modes

the more data we can collect using these rules will help figure out how steep inflation rates effect the 2nd year draft

email me @

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still looking for a few more new owners, i do not want to post in leagues i currently run, goal is to add as many serious owners into this format type to test inflation scores to build a new webpage/app so we can run true 30 man mlb franchises

hoping for as many as 14 new managers to join in for sunday 4/3 draft 12-noon est

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got a few slots left guys possibly 3 left before my other league members flood it i really coul;d use some more new experienced fantasy managers who want to try auction drafts with keeper settings for next years draft

join quickly

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could use maybe 2 players, almost out of slots, email or click on invite link @ top

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there are a cupple slots left

decided to hold off adding my league members for hopes for filling the ranks with fresh new managers

i have a max of 5 spots left for new people

if any questions can be answered today is good for them im til sundays draft

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could prob add @ most 3 more before i close it off to public hurry quick 3 slots left

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