Rotoworld Summer Mock Draft (Rotisserie) 2016-17: Pick Thread

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Can someone do me a favor and type out the results of this league in a post?  Picture isn't showing up for me.  Kind of want to see how my post-draft predictions went for these teams.

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8 hours ago, BoogieNights said:



Can someone do me a favor and type out the results of this league in a post?  Picture isn't showing up for me.  Kind of want to see how my post-draft predictions went for these teams.




Beast Mode is v1n, F is Fabrar, everyone else went by their regular forum name. For some reason Fabrar's team was locked all year, so it kind of screwed things up. Not sure why that happened. :huh:

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Copied my predictions from the Vote for the best team thread from last summer.  I knew there would be some swings and misses, and there sure were.  But overall, I'm not too upset with the predictions I made.  Went through and highlighted what I think were correct predictions in green and highlighted my whiffs in red.  If it was a so-so prediction and the player finished within 10 spots of his ADP, I left it black.




Team Code of Hammurabi


Best pick:  Porter (8.11) 95 overall.  Nice upside pick and if Otto can take that next step he should surpass this value easily.  Outside chance at 1.5 treys and 1.5 steals.


Worst pick:  Steven Adams (5.2) 50 overall.  Huge reach here.  He has potential but you can't spend a 5th round pick on someone who MIGHT be good. 


Summary:  Rounds 1-4 were a good start (DeRozan is much more valuable in h2h than roto so that pick was only ok), but then Adams started a trend of risky/bad picks.  There are tons of injury risks on this squad (something I avoid at all costs in drafts) so I did not like this draft at all.  Stocks are a serious concern.  This is probably a bottom-half team. --- team finished in 6th.




Best pick:  Jae Crowder (6.10) 70 overall.  Great pick.  This guy is criminally underrated.  Should easily return this value.  


Worst pick:  Ricky Rubio (5.3) 51 overall.  The assists and steals are nice, but that's about where it ends.  I don't hate Rubio, but for the build you had started, he just didn't fit in your high-FG% build.  You did a good job of continuing with high FG% guys (minus Elfrid) to try and balance that but I would have gone with Teague, Conley, or RJax here and ran away with 1st place in FG%.  JV was a semi-reach and would have grabbed Gobert over him.


Summary:  Very solid team.  Liked the Al Jeff flier in the 13th, very little risk and the upside could pay off.  This team is definitely a contender. --- team tied for 1st.


Team Kaboom


Best pick:  Victor Oladipo (2.9) 21 overall. :o  I think this is the year VO breaks out.  No more Skiles.  Very bullish on him this year.


Worst pick:  Jrue Holiday (4.9) 45 overall.  I'm nitpicking here.  As I've said, I'm not a risk taker early in the draft so his injury history is too much for me to buy in Round 4.  He will return this value easily if he stays healthy but he's someone I will let someone else take. 


Summary:  Pretty decent draft and you could have a nice steal in Barnes at (9.4) if he is truly handed the keys to the offense.  We will see if he can provide anything besides PTS.  I don't see this team as top-flight but more as a middle of the pack team.  --- finished in 7th place.


The One Above All


Best pick:  Kent Bazemore (9.5) 101 overall.  Could be the steal of the mock.  This guy is so underrated.  I like George Hill in the 8th as well.  Quietly provides solid value.


Worst pick:  DeAndre Jordan (5.5)  53 overall.  Along with Dwight and Drummond, these 3 are pretty much undraftable in Roto if you plan on winning your league.  You can compete but winning is difficult when you tank an entire category.


Summary:  Good team that will be hampered by DJ and Dwight FT%.  Most likely a lock for bottom in FT%.  But since the rest of the team is so strong, should be in the top 6 overall in the standings. --- team finished last in FT%, and T-4th overall




Best pick:  Thaddeus Young (8.7) 91 overall.  Terrific pick here.  Also liked B Knight in the 7th and Danny Green in the 10th.  If he returns to his old form that's the steal of the draft.  CJ Mac in the 4th is nice as well.


Worst pick:  Enes Kanter (6.7) 67 overall.  He should have a nice year but I don't like bigs that can't get stocks.  


Summary:  An extremely solid team.  Assists and blocks look to be lacking a little but that's about all I can find wrong with this team.  Lock for Top-5, most likely top-3 finish. --- team finished T-4th.




Best pick:  Dwyane Wade (8.6) 90 overall.  His numbers are obviously going to dip but as long as he plays 70 games he should return this value.  T Jones in the 12th is a worthy flier.  He could return that value with minutes.


Worst pick:  D'Angelo Russell (5.7) 55 overall.  I don't hate Russell but would have rather taken Conley, Teague or RJax over him.  Efficiency will be a concern and likely drag down his value.  He could put up some nice numbers though.  Thought Booker in Round 7 was a reach.  He has an uncertain role and probably won't return that value unless Knight is traded.  Even then, efficiency is a concern.


Summary:  A pretty solid team, really.  FG% could be a concern with Russell, IT and Schroder.  Top 6-7 team most likely. --- team finished in 10th  If Russell and Schroder explode then you're closer to the top.




Best pick:  Avery Bradley (10.4) 113 overall.  Great value for a guy that can get you 2 treys and 1.5 steals per game while not killing your FG%.


Worst pick:  Jeremy Lin (7.8) 80 overall.  This isn't so much that I hate the pick.  I like Lin this year.  I would have rather taken Monta or Clarkson at this spot.  Couldn't really find a pick that I hated too much.  Vucevic is a pretty uncertain pick because we don't know what his exact role will be yet.  I don't like uncertainty early in drafts so at this point in time I don't love that pick.


Summary:  Good, not great team.  Vooch and Parsons could be great picks, or they could be terrible picks.  All depends on opportunity for Vooch and health for Parsons.  If all goes well and those happen, along with AD being healthy you'll finish in the top 6.  If not, middle to bottom. --- you got 2/3 of those to go the right way for you but still ended up in 11th.




Best pick:  Julius Randle (9.9).  He lacks stocks but to get a double-double guy with upside in the 9th is nice.


Worst pick:  Nikola Jokic (4.4) 40 overall. :ph34r: I like Jokic, but in Rounds 1-4, I want certain production.  Minutes and competition will probably limit his upside (which is sky high).  I didn't like the risk.  This started a downhill fall, as you took Turner and Simmons in the 5th and 6th.  Ouch.


Summary:  You're going to need a heck of a lot to go your way in order to compete.  Nice dynasty team though!  Most likely a Lock for bottom 3. --- finished in 8th place.




Best pick:  Ibaka (4.3) 39 overall. --- he held this value with ORL so I'll give it a pass.  Love Ibaka this year and he should get back to his Top-25 ways.  Also liked Dragic and Korver late.


Worst pick:  Mozgov (10.3) 111 overall.  I'm nitpicking on one of my least favorite players here.  I really couldn't find a pick I hated from a fantasy standpoint.  Gay could end up not returning that value if he is traded or his latest injury causes problems throughout the season.  


Summary:  I've already talked about how I voted for this team to win.  Very solid team.  Bosh was a nice pick in the 8th, low-risk, HUGE reward if he plays.  The kind of move you have to make when your first 7 rounds went well.  I liked the Paul/Whiteside pairing, shoring up AST and BLK right off the bat.  Top 3 team. --- Team finished in 9th place.  Easily my biggest swing and miss of the predictions.




Best pick:  Marvin Williams (8.2) 86 overall.  Wait, did I just say Marvin Williams was a good pick?  If he can match or even come close to his numbers from last year he should hit this value.  Solid %'s, 1 blk, 2 treys, sprinkle of steals isn't too shabby in the 8th.


Worst pick:  Drummond (5.11).  You know where I'm going with this.  Didn't like DeMarre in the 7th either.  Too much risk and reached a couple rounds for him.


Summary:  Look out FG%!  This is most likely a bottom-3 FG% team.  And with Drummond, most likely a bottom-3 FT% team too.  That's too much to overcome so this is a middle to bottom half team. --- team finished in last place because it was locked, but looking at the roster this team wouldn't have been in the top half anyway.




Best pick: Alphabet/Millsap pairing (12/13 overall).  I just love this pairing to start a draft.  Stocks everywhere.


Worst pick:  Wiggins (5.12) 60 overall.  I just don't like Wiggins in roto and it seems he's always overdrafted.  This seems to be another case.  Didn't like the Bledsoe/Gasol pairing in 3/4 either.  Too much risk too early.


Summary:  The awesome start was derailed by big injury risks Bledsoe/Gasol.  IF those 2 are healthy all season then you should have a nice team.  If they don't match their draft position, you won't be competing. --- Team finished in 3rd.  Although there was risk with those picks, both exceeded their ADP.




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Just realized that I left out my prediction for one of the eventual winners.  Whoops.  Sorry RDNC



As far as starters go, he's got a really good lineup that would contend.--- I said I didn't like the end of his draft but he found 2 valuable pieces in Lou Will and MKG late.  He managed to tie for the lead in a roto league with Westbrook, which surprised me, but I still remain skeptical you can win an active league with a player like him killing 2 categories as your first pick.  FG% might be a ? mark.  Don't love the bench.


Best pick:  Gobert (5.1) 49 overall.  He was hyped too much last year for his noticeable flaws.  Only 5 guys averaged more than 2.0 blocks/game last year and he was one of them.  Grabbing a guy who was Top 5 in BLK and Top 10 in REB in the 5th is nice.  His FT% isn't great but he doesn't shoot enough to hurt you too bad.  He's much more valuable in roto than in h2h.  Loved this pick and love Gobert this year as a post-hype guy.


Worst pick:  Robin Lopez (6.12) 72 overall.  I love RoLo, I really do.  But this seemed like a reach to me.  Drafting at the end of rounds can be tricky because you don't know who will make it back so reaches tend to happen.  I didn't like MKG in the 10th either, but that's been covered.




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