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RPL: Retro Premier League, Free, Dynasty draft, Fantrax

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The RPL is recruiting for our inaugural season!  



-10-12 Teams  


No Fees!  2 “Champions” -- Regular Season and a Customized “Cup” bracket that plays out through the last few weeks of the season (so teams will have double-header H2H where one result will apply to the Cup Playoffs and one results will apply to the standard table.  GMs may vote to add a fee/prize after the season is over.


-11-player active lineups, and a 20-Player Total Roster Size (+3 IR).  Keep 20 each year (so basically typical “dynasty”), but instead of relying on the typical “Keeper-Cuts/FA Draft”, we will use a “FA Vote-Off/FA Blind Bidding Periods” ‘free-market-styled’ mechanism to adjust salaries of the most sought-after players. Sections 10-11 On “Vote-Offs” & “Free Agent Frenzy Periods” spell out a lot of those details (see charter below), but from a GM’s perspective it is not that complicated of a process: Simply put, the month leading up to the Regular Season will have the FA pool enriched by the top 21-most sought-after out-of-contract players.  Those players will be available to all GMs in a series of Blind-Bidding periods leading up to the regular season.



-CORE ONLINE “DRAFT”:  Each team drafts 15 players. Modified Snake (3rd-Round Reversed).

-“ORIGINAL 5” The last 5 spots on your inaugural roster are reserved for players from your “Affiliate” BPL Team that remain in the FA Pool (i.e., were passed through the Draft).  These 5 players will be chosen immediately after the draft.  GMs will have approx~1-2 days to choose and add those players to their roster in Fantrax.  After everyone has selected their Original 5 then normal FAAB Blind bidding periods will begin and GMs can continue to shape their teams with their FAAB Budget (where winning bids will become the player’s salary).


-There will be a Mid-season “Transfer Windsor Draft”, to be scheduled (just after the real-life mid-season transfer window closes.)  Only recent incoming-transfers into the BPL will be available during this draft.

-All teams who lost a player due to transfers will be allocated a credit equal to the salary value of all players lost.  The team with the most allocation will draft #1, the 2nd most allocation will draft second, etc..  


-”League Champion” determined by weekly H2H Matchups throughout the entire season.

-”Cup Champion” determined by additional H2H matchups during the last 4 weeks of the season.  During these last 4 weeks there will be double-headers where one matchup will effect your regular league standings, the other determines your progress in the knockout-style cup playoff bracket.  


-Free Agent Acquisition Bidding.  $150 Million FAAB / year. Winning bid becomes the player’s salary for the remainder of the season.  Bids are blind and processed once a week early Thurs mornings.  For year 1 FAAB becomes active following the inaugural draft. For year 2+ the FAAB gets reset just before the "FA Frenzy 'Draft'" period.


-H2H Points, (set using Fantrax’s default “Advanced” Scoring and Roster settings (see Charter section 5 for full details).


-Basically 4 things happen during the offseason.


GMs may ‘vote-off’ a limited amount of players from other teams into the FA Pool.  Each team will lose 1-2 players through the Vote-Off process (exactly 7 teams will lose 2 players, and the other 7 teams will lose only 1 each). You can ‘protect’ your players from the Vote-Off process by offering them CONTRACTS.  However, contracts include signing “bonuses”/penalties so GMs will need to decide how to best balance the risk/rewards when locking up their players long-term or leaving them exposed in the FA ‘Vote-Offs’. Vote-Offs are managed on google sheets and is designed to be as simple as possible for GMs, and basically amounts to checking up to 20 boxes from a list of potential UFA players. (You can check out an example here: FA VOTE-OFF).


The FA Frenzy periods are simply a series of FAAB Blind Bidding Periods that span approx 1 month leading up to the start of the season. Bids will be resolved 3 times a week on Sun, Wed, & Fri nights, up to 1 winning bid per team, per period.  Minimum bids(“salary demands”) will be generated by the system for each Frenzy FAAB Bidding Period.  The minimum bids/salary demands will start rather high at the start of the Frenzy Periods, but each period player salary demands will be lowered and in the week prior to the start of the season minimum salary demands are lifted and all FAs will be willing to sign for as low as the league minimum (1M) for the rest of the season.  


Shortly after player projections are updated in Fantrax (approx early Sept--~1 month before the season starts) GMs will be presented with updated player “salary demands” for all players not already on an extended contract.  These salaries are generated by the system(Fantrax) based on league scoring & settings, and player projections for the upcoming season.  GMs have the choice to either (1) drop their player (there are never penalties for drops), (2) keep them @100% for 1 yr (but player is exposed to vote-off next year), or (3) pay a premium and sign them to extended contract (player will be protected from vote-offs for duration of contract).  A limited amount of extended contracts are allowed each year.  Contracts are managed only in the preseason & calculated on google spreadsheets to keep things as simple as possible for GMs. (You can check out an example here: CONTRACTS CALCULATOR).  Once the season is about to start the Commish will transfer all the salary and contract information from the spreadsheet into Fantrax, and the spreadsheet will be ‘locked’ but still viewable by all owners for ‘long-term contract’ reference.


This draft will occur shortly after the real-life summer transfer window closes and works exactly like the mid-season transfer draft.



-Inaugural Cap will mirror the BPL cap @150M* in 2016)


League Charter Link:


Send me a PM here or an email at peatrc at gmail dot com if you are interested!

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