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Fantasy Basketball Keeper League - Looking for owners!

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Hi guys,


I just joined rotoworld today to see if I could find some dedicated fantasy basketball people for a keeper league that I would like to start.  I have been a member of one for over 10 years but have decided to leave it because the LM takes waaaaay too much control over trades as well as other aspects.  I have learned a lot from being in that league and think I am ready to manage my own.  I am hoping to get 12-14 owners and the league will be H2H with 8 categories (FG%, FT%, 3pm, rebs, assists, steals, blocks, and points).  Please leave your email and name below if you are interested and I will see if I can get the league full before the season starts.  If you are not going to be dedicated, please don't leave your info.  No offense, just want a fun and involved league!


Also, does anyone know why it wouldn't let me post this in the fantasy basketball thread?  It was grayed out when I chose where the topic would be posted.




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Hi Robby,


If you still need owners, I'd like to join your league. My email



If you're already filled up, best of luck to you this season.


Thanks boss,



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