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Who to keep? WHIR

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12 teams, Roto, 5x5. 6 keepers.

3 SP, 2 RP, 3 P.


I've made some obvious drops previously in the off-season.

I have marked the ones I am currently thinking of keeping with a *.


My roster:

C: Realmuto

1B: Wil Myers*

2B: Robinson Cano*

3B: Nolan Arenado*

SS: Xander Bogaerts*

OF: Miguel Sano*

OF: Trea Turner*

OF: Christian Yelich

UTIL: Chris Davis


P: Steven Matz

P: Carlos Rodon


Bench: Yoan Moncada, DJ LeMahieu, Trevor Story, Hunter Renfroe, Josh Bell


Who would be your keepers, and why?

I will of course be looking to improve them through trades in the off-season.

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I would try to move Wil Myers, tbh.  I think his chances of repeating are very suspect.  In fact I'd keep Moncada over him.  Maybe its just me personally and I'm in the minority but I'm just not sold on Myers.   He hit just 9 HR in the second half. His walk rate did increase, but then again so did his strike outs (significantly). Even though he drew more walks in less AB in the second half, his OBP still went down because his BA plummeted that much.  He did still steal 13 bases in the second half.  But I suspect his year line for 2017 is closer to .255 20HR and a major disappointment.


Heck I'd keep Yelich over Myers.

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1 minute ago, Fbaseballgod said:

Your keepers seem right.  Do not fall into taking Moncada over a proven stud


A proven stud, no I wouldn't keep Moncada over that. But like I said - I don't consider Wil Myers a proven stud.  Far from it. And now that SDG has nobody on their team, his 2017 is going to be even worse than his second half 2016.    I'd go with his other 5 he has listed then I'd take for the 6 slot in the following order: Moncada, Yelich, Davis, Myers.


Please don't just look at Myers year end stats and think he has a new baseline to work from.  I'll say it again - he will not come close to repeating his final 2016 numbers, except maybe his BA. And that was nothing to be proud of.  His counting stats buoyed him and he a) wont have the opportunity for the runs/rbi's and showed in the second half that he is not a near 30HR threat.  2016 was a fluke.

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Thanks for all the feedback!


The Machado owner is really lacking quality keepers, so I'm trying to swing a trade for him. Problem is that he has no interest in either Davis or Cano.


I'm a bit surprised most of you have Story and/or Yelich over Sano..?

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