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looking for opinions on the greatest team of all-time, and i know that different eras will produce different answers choice


89-90 UNLV


largest margin of victory in the national title game (a record that will never be broken)

and although i think the 90-91 vegas team was better overall, they were upset by duke in the final 4, so since they did not win the title, i will say the 89-90 team was better.

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I never saw the great UCLA teams or say the Ohio State team that had Havilicek and Lucas on it.  


i started watching in the early 80's and there were some really great teams up through the mid 90's:


Just the ones I really enjoyed, obviously tough to say who is best:

* North Carolina the Jordan, Perkins Worthy team

* Houston Phi Slamma Jamma with Hakeem (or Akeem back then) and Clyde the Glyde

* Duke in the Laettner, Hill,Hurley days

* Oklahoma with Harvey Grant, Stacey King, w/ Billy Tubbs coaching fun team to watch

* Lots of talent at Syracuse and Georgetown, not sure what their best "teams" were

* Michigan when they had like 6 NBA guys, I think all were 1st rounders or 5 of them were, beat SH in finals. 

* Arizona team that had a bunch of NBA guys led by Sean Elliott, Steve Kerr, Jud Buechler, Tom Tolbert 



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