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75$ Buy In / 14-Team / H2H Points / Redraft ESPN / 4 playoff teams in the money / Leaguesafe Majority Approval

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Brand new league on ESPN. H2H Points Format:


The draft (snake format) will be held on Saturday April 1 at 20:00 EST.


Draft date and time are already set in stone.


Lineup will be as follows, and they will be set daily:



Scoring will be standard for batters, but for pitchers no points given, or deducted, for SO, BB or Hits.


Pitchers get points for wins, quality starts, complete games, saves & innings pitched.


They lose points for earned runs, losses and blown saves:

IP 3pts (1 out = 1pts)

Win 3pts

QS 3pts

CG 3pts

Save 5pts

ER -2pts

Loss -6pts

BS -3pts


10 starts for pitchers in the weekly matchup.


For those wondering why not standard scoring for pitching I am old school where you want to get batters out using a minimum of pitches.


The model of efficiency for a starter is inning pitched vs ERA as far as I am concerned, and the number of strikeouts should not double the value of an out.


By the same token a high WHIP should not cost points either provided it does not result in earned runs.


I balanced wins and loses for pitchers by adding 3 pts for a quality start while giving 3 pts for a win. I believe the scoring system reflects quite nicely a starter's efficiency.


Waiver system will be ''move to last after claim''.


As in all my 14-team fantasy leagues (hockey, football, baseball) it takes only 4 votes to veto a trade.


It is a way to insure that there are no shenanigans, or any moves for that matter, endangering the competitive balance of the league.


The top 4 teams will be in the playoffs and the money:

1st 475$

2nd 300$

3rd 175$

4th 100$


Email me here if interested and specify which baseball fantasy league as I am currently managing 3 of them.





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