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Friday is going to be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tomorrow, Friday, February 24th at 1pm will be the first spring training game between the Yankees and Phillies.


Baseball is finally here.




The winter is over!!!!!


I have a really good league full of some good guys. I'm on this website all of the time. I'm looking for a few new owners. And honestly it's been an unfriendly experience trying to recruit guys. No one wants to speak on the phone "JUST SEND ME THE RULES AND I'LL LET YOU KNOW". I want to know where are the normal guys who enjoy this? Where are the fantasy baseball guys who remember when you had to call someone to make a trade?


: )




Ok so this is a NYC league. The auction is live so you must attend in person. The auction is set for Sunday March 26th at 10am. We will hold it in the banquet room of a restaurant. Food will be served. Appetizer and an Entree. Their is free wifi and plenty of space. You can bring a partner if you'd like. Some of our teams have partners, some don't. The day of the auction you'll see around 25 guys in the banquet room and everyone of us will be super pumped for the auction. This is a league full of normal, good guys. We've got many different professionals represented in our league, law enforcement, lawyers, insurance, finance, all types. It's a good league to network in.  Mainly family men, white collar types. A $1000 isn't going to break you. Grab a buddy and give us a shot. 


Our league is Non Keeper (is this what you'd call a REDRAFT league?) 


Mixed AL/NL




$1000 per team (this is a real league, you're more than welcome to visit me at my home before the auction and I have plenty of team owners who can vouch the league is legit) 




1-C, 1-1B, 1-2B, 1-SS, 1-3B, 1-EXTRA INFIELDER (can be a catcher too)        






9-Pitchers (can be any combo but must meet 1250 minimum innings)


5-man bench (can be minors or DL'd players too but 5 max)


Email me for more info


or text me


718 687 3251

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