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I am not sure if this is frowned upon on this forum or not but if so I apologizze in advance, but I wanted to introduce our newly launched Start-up DFS site   We are giving a $25 Free Instant Play to the first 2000 users who give us a try!


The twist of our DFS site is we offer heads up, 1 on 1 match-ups with point differentials for each player, for example: Steph curry is projected to have 50 FPT's tonight and Harden is projected to have 54 FPT's.  The differential is Harden favored by 4 FPTS, and needs to beat curry by 4 or more FPT's for you to win if you have Harden.  Thats it!!


Please let me know any feedback if you decide to give it a shot!   Thanks!



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