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Todd St Mary

New 12 team league - 2 more openings - payouts for 28 league record categories plus traditional payouts

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Here is a summary of our league rules:


Fee $170

Teams 12

Payouts Top Div winner $240

                    2nd div winner $170

                    1st wildcard $125

                    2nd wildcard $90


League champ $500

2nd $275

3rd $175


The idea is to build a long-term league with long-term records.  I have done this in my football league for 28 years.  It is a lot of fun/  Some of the record categories accumulate enough money over time to cover your whole league fee with one record.  Records payouts in 27 categories (Total $405) - $15 each category -  for example most runs one week$15, most runs for all season $15 - 27 categories like this see all categories below.  We will also add $50 each year to a back to back to back Champion pool.


Other key features:


Head to head

Two divisions

Daily line-ups

3 player carryover

Auction March 28th 7:30 PM EST


If you are interested in the league, please contact 






HERE IS THE COMPLETE LEAGUE RULES - Please contact if you are interested in joining this league.

TSM’S “Real” Fantasy Baseball League – 2017

We will use Yahoo sports to administer the league. The site is currently Free. It is not perfect, but we have found it to be reliable. I do not expect any issues, but if you see problems that need to be fixed, let me know ASAP and I will address them in a timely manner.

Below is a summary of league rules. The rules will be updated and modified from time to time as the commissioner deems necessary. There may be some issues with the implementation of the rules depending on the functionality of the website. If there are any issues or disputes within the league, or with the system functionality, the commissioner will make a determination and all commissioner decisions will be final.

League Rules:

1) Each team will have 21 players plus 3 open DL spots for injured players.

2) Each day a line-up will be set it will include:
a) 1 first base
 1 2nd base
c) 1 3rd base
d) 1 shortstop
e) 1 catcher
f) 3 outfielders
g) 1 utility hitter
h) 5 starting pitchers
i) 2 relief pitchers
Position eligibility will be determined by the Yahoo system.

3) Scoring categories will be:
a) Offensive – Runs, HR, Extra Base hits, RBIs, Stolen bases and OBP
 Pitching – Wins, Saves, Strikeouts, Quality starts, ERA, WHIP (a team must have a minimum of 25 innings pitched in a week to get any pitching points)

4) Four (4) pick-ups will be allowed each week. If a player is selected off of waivers, a rolling list will be used, so if a team takes a player off of waivers they will move to the bottom of the list. The waiver period for any player that is cut will be 6 days. Players will be eligible for pick-up once they are added to the yahoo system. Prospects not in the yahoo system can not be picked up.

5) Trades are allowed and will be processed by the system (at this point, I am unsure if trades are processed immediately or after commissioner approval). It will be my goal to set trades to be processed immediately – if the system allows it. All trades will be reviewed by the commissioner and will be reversed if deemed detrimental to the league (anything short of obvious collusion will not be vetoed). In the event of a vetoed trade, if the player is used on a given day his stats will be changed to zero.

6) There will be a player carryover at the end of each season. Every fourth year we will start over and no one will be kept. So there will be a carryover in 2018 from 2017, in 2019 from 2018, and 2020 from 2019. In 2021 we will start over. This cycle will continue into perpetuity. In carry over years, each team will be allowed to keep up to three players (teams may also keep two players, one player or none at their discretion). The value assigned to the player will be:
a) For players drafted (or carried over) and kept all season $4 plus their original purchase price or carryover value.
 For undrafted players picked up after the draft $10 plus $4 = $14
c) For players that were drafted (or carried over), dropped and then picked up again, the value will be the original purchase price (carryover value if applicable) or $10 which ever is greater plus $4.
d) Traded players will have the same value as they would have had without being traded.

7) If a tie occurs at the end of the season for either divisions or wildcards, the tie breaker will be head to head record between the tied teams. (The system does not allow a set up for this – but I suspect it is the default). If the system does not work this way – I will attempt to override it at the end of the season. If teams are tied head to head, we will use the Yahoo tie breakers – whatever they may be.

8) There will be 6 playoff teams. Playoffs will be week #22,23,24 – we will not play the last week of the major league season. The two division winners will be the #1 and #2 seeds for the playoffs and will receive a first round BYE week. Then next four best teams by record, will be the wildcards, and will be seeded based on their record. There will be reseeding - the highest seed will always play the lowest seed in the playoffs. If there is a tie in the play-off’s the higher seed will win the game.

9) League fees for 2017 will be $170 for teams who choose to participate in all payouts and $135 for teams who wish to participate in all payouts (excluding records and back to back champion). League fees are due by 3/14/2017. Once your league fees are paid for the season – you can not change your record eligibility status by paying more money later in that season. A couple of notes on League fees:
a) No matter how many teams chose to be eligible for record payouts – I will personally guarantee the full amounts for the 1st two seasons. So for example most runs for one week will pay $15 whether we have every team participating (eligible for record payouts) or if we have less than 100% participation. I realize this means I may end up putting a couple hundred dollars of my own money into the record pools. That is a risk I will take.
 If you choose to pay $135 and not participate in the record payouts (you will have ineligible status in the current season), but you can change your status in a future season. The fee to do this will be $25 for every season you had ineligible status, on top of the regular league fee. For example if you are ineligible in 2017 and 2018 and you want to become eligible in 2019 you would have to pay the current league fee ($170 plus $50 for the two years you were ineligible). This will make you eligible for all record payout and carryover pools including the back to back champion pool. Further – you will only be eligible for future payouts – you will not be eligible for any payouts you earned while you were in ineligible status. Any money paid for these fees to switch from ineligible status to eligible status, will first go to the commissioner to cover any money he is out putting the guarantee in ((a) above) in place. Once the commissioner has been repaid in full, any additional money paid in fees, will be added to existing record pools or added to establish a new record pool, as the commissioner deems appropriate.
c) If you are ineligible (choose not to participate in the record payouts) you will not be eligible for any of the record money or back to back championship money, even if you set the record. For records to be paid out they must be established by an eligible team. If they are set by an ineligible team the record will still stand, but the money will carry over to the next season.

10) Payoff’s for 2017 (assuming 12 teams) will be:
a) Top division winner $240 
 2nd division winner $170
c) Top wild card $125 
d) 2nd Wildcard $90 
e) 3rd and 4th wildcards $0
f) League Champion $500 
g) League runner up $275 
h) 3rd Place $175 
i) Records – will only be paid out to teams that are eligible to receive a payout. These records will be paid out in 2017 - the year they are established, unless they are set by an ineligible team – then the money will carryover to 2018.
i) Most runs one week $15
ii) Most homeruns one week $15
iii) Most RBI’s one week $15
iv) Most stolen bases one week $15
v) Most extra base hits one week $15
vi) Highest OBP one week (min 100 AB) $15
vii) Most runs regular season $15
viii) Most homeruns regular season $15
ix) Most RBIs regular season $15
x) Most stolen bases regular season $15
xi) Most extra base hits regular season $15
xii) Highest OBP regular season $15
xiii) Most wins one week $15
xiv) Most Strikeouts one week $15
xv) Most saves one week $15
xvi) Most quality starts one week $15
xvii) Lowest ERA one week (min 25 innings) $15
xviii) Lowest WHIP one week (min 25 innings) $15
ixx) Most wins regular season $15
xx) Most strikeouts regular season $15
xxi) Most saves regular season $15
xxii) Most quality starts regular season $15
xxiii) Lowest ERA regular season $15
xxiv) Lowest Whip regular season $15
xxv) Best regular season record $15
weekly records can not be established or broken during the extended week around the All Star Break (with the exception of OBP, ERA and WHIP)
weekly records can be established or broken in the playoffs
regular season records are established in weeks 1-21 and exclude the playoffs
new records are paid out for tied records and new records at the end of the season. Records are recorded at the end of the season, for example if a runs record is set in 2017 at 60 for one week and in 2018 someone beats that record with 61 in weeks 3 of the season and then someone gets 62 later in the season. 62 would be the new record and would be paid out, the person that got 61 would get nothing.

j) Other records – carried to future years:
i) Most consecutive division titles (min 2) $15
ii) Most consecutive Playoff appearances (when we have a sole record set) $15
iii) Back to back champion $50 (back pool starts at $300)

Payoffs will be made within 3 days after the end of the playoffs.

10) Commissioner fee $10 for miscellaneous admin costs. Regarding carryover money – If the league dissolves all carry over money will be kept by the as compensation by the commissioner for the risk taken guaranteeing the record pools for the first two years, and for his years of service.

11) League Schedule – assuming 12 teams each team will play a 21 week season – this will include 10 games within their division (will play everyone twice) and 11 games outside the division will play everyone twice with the exception of one team. As teams confirm they are entering the league they will be randomly assigned a team number. Teams 1-6 will be in the Eastern division, Teams 7-12 will be in the Western Division:

Here is the league schedule

Week 1: 1-6 2-5 3-4 7-12 8-11 9-10
Week 2: 1-8 2-9 3-10 4-11 5-12 6-7
Week 3: 1-5 2-4 3-6 7-11 8-10 9-12
Week 4: 1-9 2-10 3-11 4-12 5-7 6-8
Week 5: 1-4 2-3 5-6 7-10 8-9 11-12
Week 6: 1-3 2-6 4-5 7-9 8-12 10-11
Week 7: 1-10 2-11 3-12 4-7 5-8 6-9
Week 8: 1-2 3-5 4-6 7-8 9-11 10-12
Week 9: 1-11 2-12 3-7 4-8 5-9 6-10
Week 10: 1-12 2-7 3-8 4-9 5-10 6-11
Week 11: 1-7 2-8 3-9 4-10 5-11 6-12
Week 12: 1-10 2-11 3-12 4-7 5-8 6-9
Week 13: 1-6 2-5 3-4 7-12 8-11 9-10
Week 14: 1-5 2-4 3-6 7-11 8-10 9-12
Week 15: 1-9 2-10 3-11 4-12 5-7 6-8
Week 16: 1-11 2-12 3-7 4-8 5-9 6-10
Week 17: 1-8 2-9 3-10 4-11 5-12 6-7
Week 18:1-4 2-3 5-6 7-10 8-9 11-12
Week 19: 1-12 2-7 3-8 4-9 5-10 6-11
Week 20: 1-3 2-6 4-5 7-9 8-12 10-11
Week 21: 1-2 3-5 4-6 7-8 9-11 10-12
Week 22-24 – playoffs

12) We will have a $260 auction draft. The draft will be Tuesday March 28th at 6:30 PM CST. The auction will be administered by our website – Yahoo sports. 

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