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(2) Spots left / 75$ Buy In / 12-Team / H2H Points / Redraft ESPN / 4 playoff teams in the money / Leaguesafe Majority Approval

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All 10 owners in the league have paid their entry fee so be prepared to do the same upon joining the league.


If you like the league you might want to hurry up and join as I believe it will be filled and paid for very shortly.


The draft (snake format) will be held on Saturday March 25 at 20:00 EST.

Draft date and time are already set in stone.


Lineup will be as follows, and they are set daily:

C - 1B - 2B - 3B - SS - OF - OF - OF - OF - (SS/2B) - (1B/3B) - DH - Utility - SP1 - SP2 - SP3 -SP4 - SP5 - SP6 - SP7 - RP1 - P1 - B1 - B2 - B3 - B4 - DL - DL


Scoring will be standard for batters except for an extra point for a HR.


Pitchers get points for wins, quality starts, complete games, shutouts, saves & innings pitched.


They lose points for earned runs, losses and blown saves:

IP 3pts

Win 3pts

QS 3pts

CG 3pts

SO 3pts

Save 5pts

ER -2pts

Loss -6pts

BS -3pts


12 Starts for pitchers in the weekly matchup.

For those wondering why not standard scoring for pitching I am old school where you want to get batters out using a minimum of pitches.

The model of efficiency for a starter is inning pitched vs ERA as far as I am concerned, and the number of strikeouts should not double the value of an out.

By the same token a high WHIP should not cost points either provided it does not result in earned runs.

I also balanced wins and loses for pitchers by adding 3 pts for a quality start. I believe the scoring system reflects quite nicely a starter's efficiency.


Waiver system will be ''move last after claim''.


As in all my 12-team fantasy leagues (hockey, football, baseball) it takes only 3 votes to veto a trade.

It is a way to ensure that there are no shenanigans, or any moves for that matter, endangering the competitive balance of the league.


The top 4 teams will be in the playoffs and the money:

1st 400$

2nd 250$

3rd 150$

4th 100$


Email me at if interested and specify which baseball fantasy league as I am currently managing 4 of them.




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Grab a spot while you can :)

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No doubt this league will be filled and paid for by the end of the day.

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Only 1 spot left :)


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