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BRAND NEW dollar-for-dollar $207 dynasty auction league - H2H, Points, Contracts

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Ladies and gentlemen, you have found your new favorite league! We are starting a BRAND NEW dynasty league! Twelve teams, $200 buy in (you get refunded whatever you don't spend!!), auction, points based, H2H on Slow auction starts next weekend!


Here are the details: 


BUY-IN: The buy in for each team is $207. This includes a $7 Fantrax fee per team to manage the auction, salaries, contracts, and minor leagues. Of the remaining $200 per team, $150 will be available during the draft. The rest will be that team's free agent budget for the year. Whatever is not spent during the course of the season will be refunded to each team at the conclusion of the season. 

EXAMPLE: Team Sox spends $127 in the draft, then $38 on free agent/waiver pickups throughout the season but misses the playoffs. They will have expended $165 during the season and are thus due a $35 refund from the original $200 buy in. 


Check out the complete constitution here:


Then send me an email at sratican[at] to reserve your spot today. TEN teams left!

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Catcher (C) 1
1st Base (1B) 1
2nd Base (2B) 1
3rd Base (3B) 1
Shortstop (SS) 1
Corner Infield (CI) 1
Middle Infield (MI) 1
Center Field (CF) 1
Outfield (OF) 4
Utility (Any Hitter) (UT) 1
Starting Pitcher (SP) 6
Relief Pitcher (RP) 3
Bench 6

We will be competing in head to head, weekly matchups. You are allowed to set your lineups daily. Players will lock at the beginning of their game that day. The scoring period will run Monday through Sunday.

We will be using the following scoring system:

At Bats (AB) -1.5
Doubles (2B) 1
Hit by Pitch (HPB) 3.5
Hits (H) 5
Home Runs (HR) 4
Runs Batted In (RBI) 2
Runs Scored (R) 2
Sacrifice Flies (SF) 2.5
Sacrifice Hits (SH) 2.5
Stolen Bases (SB) 2
Strikeouts (SO) -0.5
Triples (3B) 2
Walks (BB) 3.5

Earned Runs Allowed (ER) -6
Hits Batsmen (HB) -1
Hits Allowed (H) -1
Holds (Hld) 5
Innings Pitched (IP) 5
Saves (Sv) 6.5
Strikeouts Pitched (K) 1
Walks Allowed (BB) -1

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