Start Fournier or Derozan this week? Demar trending down..

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Need points, three's & limit the damage to FG%. Three games each:


Derozan: CHI, @MIA, @DAL


Fournier: PHI, CHA, DET


Feel like Demar has tougher matchups but he's been a starter all year for me so don't really want to mess with it. I wish I could squeeze both in but I don't think I can:


G: IT4

G: Steph

G: Schroeder (slumping but has 4 games & I need the assists)

F: Derozan/Fournier
F: Gary Harris

F: TJ Warren

C: Horford

C: Richaun

UT: Holliday (need the assists)

UT: Clarkson (trending up with numbers like Fournier but more assists)


I hate the playoffs..

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I think you need to stay with what has worked with DeMar. I don't trust Fournier or the Magic and Toronto is still playing for seeding.




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