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Ryan Anderson or Josh Richardson? WHIR

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Anderson hit waivers after a team desperate to stay in dropped him for a Sunday streamer.  He's been awfully cold lately and his value has always been deceptively vanilla, but he's still one of the only full-season starters on the wire right now. I can get him for sure with no one having higher priority than me, however the timing may actually put me at a disadvantage with the Rockets only having two more games after tonight.  


I've had some blind faith in Richardson this season, but Waiters being out and the potential for stocks makes him attractive.  He has a cupcake matchup with the Suns, the Raptors (who as a fan can guarantee they will get blown out by Miami), and the Celtics who are slightly on the worse side as far as attractive matchups go.  The Rockets face OKC (bad) and the Pelicans (good), but the fact that they are the Rockets instantly makes the matchup more attractive by default.


Is Anderson fools gold at this part of the season? Thoughts?

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