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I have one opening in a standard 12 team ESPN Fantasy Baseball League.  We had someone back out at the last second.  We have done the draft order lottery and this open slot has the #3 pick in the draft. The buy in is $50 and the top 3 pay out.  Payments are done via PayPal.  I realize people have trust issues with using PayPal.  Because of this I will not require you to send your payment until after the 1st week of the season.  This way you can see the draft and 1st week of the season where there are legit members and everyone is competing.  This is a head to head category style league where matchups are 1 week long and the regular season is 20 weeks. The top 4 teams make the playoffs and the semis are a 2 week matchup followed by the championship which is also two weeks.
Scoring categories
Pitching Hitting
Wins Average
K's HRs
Saves Runs
Each category counts as a win for a total of 10 win/losses per week. Each week there will be a cap of waiver moves of 5 and waivers are set to 1 day.
We will be drafting around the end of March and we use the ESPN draft tool to complete the draft. We like to draft as close to the end of spring training to allow our players to draft knowing who is healthy and who has won the position battles. Once our league is filled, we will come up with a time/date as a league that works for everyone. You must draft, no auto drafting. We will do a draft order drawing a couple of weeks prior to the draft and draft picks are available to trade.
You can email me at if you are interested. I will send you an invite to the league and payment and payouts will be made via PayPal.
Let's have some fun! Baseball is back!

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