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$50 12t H2H points at new site (162 fantasy matches, Best-of-7 Playoffs)

Recommended Posts offers H2H points leagues with a unique round schedule that produces a lot of fantasy matches.  There are 162 regular season games in Major League Baseball.  Dailyball offers fantasy leagues a schedule that produces 162 fantasy matches.  The fantasy matches are not a week long tally of stats.  The fantasy matches in Dailyball only use the stats from a single professional MLB game.  The simplest way to explain their schedule is like this:

The stats from every professional team's first game get applied to fantasy match #1.
The stats from every professional team's second game get applied to fantasy match #2.
The stats from every professional team's third game get applied to fantasy match #3. 

You draft a team and you start players from your team. 

Extra Innings League

12-teams (3 divisions of 4 teams)
Roster limit  is 25 players
Redraft League H2H points
Dues are $50 and are paid to
Payments are e-check only, Payouts are majority approval
1st place gets $400
2nd place gets $200
League is hosted on
Please see the rules page on for additional rules. 
Dailyball charges a fee of $10 per team

Starting Lineups:
1 First basemen
1 Second basemen
1 Third basemen
1 Shortstop
1 Catcher
3 Outfielders
1 Utility Hitter
1 Starting Pitcher
1 Relief Pitcher

Scoring System Hitters:
Runs 2 points
Hits 3 points
Doubles 2 points
Triples 5 points
Home Runs 7 points
Runs Batted In 2 points
Walks 2 points
Stolen Bases 5 points
Caught Stealing -2 points
Grand Slams 2 points
Hit for Cycle 5 points

Scoring System Pitchers:
Wins 4 points
Saves 3 points
Complete Innings Pitched: 2.25 points
Earned Runs -2 points
Hits -0.6 points
Hit Batsmen -0.6 points
Walks -0.6 points
Strikeouts 2 points
Complete Game 2.5 points
Shutout 2.5 points
No-Hitter 5 points

A live draft will be held on April 1, 7:00 pm Pacific Time Zone. doesn’t offer live drafts.  The live draft will be held on which is a free site.  The rosters will be transferred to

League communication is held on a free forum hosting service at
Forum URL is

Any trade or dropped player disputes are to be posted on the forum within 24 hours of the transaction.  If 7 owners post on the forum or email to the commissioner their agreement of the dispute within 24 hours of the transaction, then the transaction will be reversed. 

The commissioner has final say regarding all league matters. 

Please email if you're interested. 

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