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New NHL Keeper League Starting Up

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I am looking to start up a new competitive keeper league next year and am looking to gauge any interest in a new format. I'm looking to get 12-14 teams, and right now I have 4 teams signed up. This league will be competitive and participation is encouraged (posting in forums, responding to trade offers with feedback...etc).


The most different feature of this league will be how keepers work. There will be a random snake draft to start the year. At the end of the year, you can have 5 keepers. How you keep those 5 is based on where they were drafted. For example, if you drafted Matt Duchene in the 4th round, and you want to keep him, you will need to use a 2nd round pick to grab him. It's like that every year. Each year that they are kept as a keeper, their draft value (which is the round they were drafted in) will be cut in half. If you choose not to keep them, they will go back into the draft. This is an idea I'm excited to try out that I actually found here on rotoworld! 


The league will be run through Yahoo. 


It it will be a head to head category league. Post here with your email or email me at if you are interested or have any questions.

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