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2017 Keepers | 12 team league

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Can keep THREE players from year to year - no year limit on contracts, so age of players is something to strongly consider.


Connor McDavid

Sidney Crosby

Tyler Seguin

Nikita Kucherov

Auston Matthews

Patrik Laine


Thinking about going McDavid, Matthews, Kucherov - then selling off Crosby, Seguin, Laine for Draft picks.



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Geez, what kinda team did you have this year. That's a great list to choose from. Definitely McD and Matthews. Then  have to decide between Crosby, Kucherov and Laine. I think you get more back in a deal with Crosby and Laine because of the name factor and keep Kucherov.  He'll have Stamkos back next year and the team was pretty solid down the stretch. 

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How did you get all these players in a 12 team league? How did Crosby/McDavid get passed on at least 11 times?

Anyway, here's how I'd rank them as far as keeper appeal, simply based on who I think likely will have the most fantasy points.

1. McDavid (C)
2. Matthews (C)
3. Crosby (C)
4. Laine (RW)
5. Seguin (C, RW?)
6. Kucherov (RW)

But it really depends on how your league is set up. First of all, how many center slots do you have in your lineup? All three of those players are centers, so this could be an issue. Also, how does the point scoring go? Do things like plus/minus, hits, shots, etc. matter? In general:

McDavid is a given.

Matthews I expect to score quite a few goals, shots, blocks, etc. He's a well rounded player for fantasy formats. However it does concern me a little bit that he's on an average team at best, so not sure how stats like plus/minus will go. He's likely only going to get better though so might be a good idea to keep him.

Crosby is arguably the best player in the game today (I would say it's McDavid, but the argument can be made). I understand the concerns with age, but he's likely still going to be dominant for at least another 3 years. By then some other fantasy keeper will likely emerge, so I wouldn't look too far into the future. Crosby's also on a good team, so he should have a good/plus minus to go along with all the points he racks up.

Laine is almost like a young Ovechkin. He loves to shoot the puck, score goals, and he doesn't mind playing a physical game (though probably not as many hits as Ovi). I don't he'll be picking up that many assists/points though aside from goals which is why I'd have him below the three above. But he is a winger, which does help his value. Good centers are easier to find than good wingers.

Seguin is a multi-positioned player (assuming he's listed as C, RW) which really helps for setting up the lineup. He's your typical high end player that's a notch down from the elite that'll be able to help out your fantasy team across the board. I also think Dallas is a better team than they were last season.

Kucherov is overrated, in my opinion. He did have a tremendous season last year, but I'm not ready to put him in the category of one of the best players in the league just because of it. Tampa should be better than they were last season, and I believe Kucherov still will put up another 60 points or so, so he is more of a one-dimensional player fantasy wise. You have better options to choose from. 

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